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Poll: MLS Hate Mapping

Which rivalry tops the heap when it comes to FC Dallas?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

In Tuesday's Morning Links article, Drew brought up the MLB Hate Map and wondered what an MLS version may look like. As often does at BDS, discussion has started to take off in the comments section, so I'm peeling away to give the conversation a dedicated home.

There are historical candidates such as the Chicago Fire. A rivalry born by the supporters of 2 similarly-named teams and fueled by injury and fouls. Columbus was a potential rival given the shared ownership group, but does anyone in North Texas really hate the Crew?

Colorado Rapids are often brought up when discussing the scum of the Earth. The 2010 MLS Cup Final loss to the 'pids makes for deep scar tissue in this annual argument. Pulling Oscar away from their helm to bring him back home may have stoked the fire in the Rocky Mountain region.

The Houston Dynamo can take a whole section to its own. Natural divides exist between the 2 largest cities in Texas, and the 2006 transplant has taken to its role like no other. The intensity brought on by this match-up approaches levels seen in other sports such as Mavericks-Spurs, Rangers-Angels, Cowboys-Redskins.

LA, NY, Seattle, and Portland make for natural targets due to their big market nature and league fandom. But do any of those teams warrant real on-field malice from FC Dallas supporters?

Take the poll. You have to choose your number one enemy, so choose wisely.

Have other teams that put the Burn back into your soul? Jump down to the comments and tell us about it.