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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Danny Garcia started in the first ever MLS Homegrown game last night in Portland.

Susan Ragan-USA TODAY Sports

We have plenty to get to today around here so I'll get right to the links.

[Don't worry, we'll talk about the USOC draw in a separate piece, we're excited about that news too!]

// FC Dallas //

Garcia goes the full 90 in the Homegrown game |

A rather dull 0-0 tie for the first ever edition of this game. Cool to see Danny Garcia play the entire match though. Those are minutes he needs right now.

Four FCD Academy players to play in showcase game |

Good to see some solid representation from the FCD Academy in games like this.

// MLS //

Homegrown game a new benchmark on development |

Like I mentioned above, the game itself was rather dull. But the fact that we now have games like this is huge going forward. I still hope MLS gets it to an East v West type of game. Until then, I probably won't be too interested in these games unless somehow they are playing a FCD team in the future.

Sporting nervously sends players to All-Star game |

For a team like FCD that has had so many injuries this season, I can't blame Sporting KC for being a tad bit nervous about sending their big names to a rather meaningless friendly.

Blatter says MLS will switch to FIFA calendar |

Nope, that just isn't going to happen Sepp. At least not any time soon. Too many teams that play in colder weather environments would be killer to the momentum this league has right now. Plus, the league front office has determined recently that it just isn't a smart move right now.

MLS is wanting $60 million for Chivas | The Goat Parade

Considering the fact that MLS bought them for $70 million, this seems like a steal for a team in that market. But in a way, you have to remember that whoever buys that team, they'll still have to build a stadium. So MLS needs someone with a lotta dough.

MLB hate map shows where you hate teams |

I know this isn't a MLS thing but it got me thinking what a MLS version of this would look like. Where would the FCD logo rest on a state, if it even rested on a state at all. Gotta think the Sounders and Galaxy would cover a lot of the country here.