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What we know and what we don't: Brimstone Edition

With the Brimstone Cup in sight, we look at some items we have insight on and some we don't. This Derby match should bring out some heat from both teams, that's for sure.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

With FC Dallas in their best form since 2010 we are looking at a match that shouldn't be the most difficult task at hand. Chicago Fire will host FC Dallas and their stories in recent weeks couldn't be any more different. The Fire haven't won in their past 7 matches whereas FCD are riding a 10 match unbeaten streak. Don't forget that this is a derby match, the Brimstone cup, and anything can happen.

What we know:

• Chicago doesn't lose

Ok, so maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but Chicago have only 6 losses on the season putting them with the fewest in the Eastern Conference and 4th fewest in the league. That being said, they only have 4 wins on the season, so it would be tough to see FCD dropping 3 points.

• Dallas is missing key players

Yeah we have been missing players like George John, Mauro Diaz and Hendry Thomas for most of the season, but now we have to deal with the absence of Michel and Blas Perez both due to suspension. This could mean Ryan Hollingshead will earn another start with Akindele alone up top, but it's tough to tell what's going through Papi's head right now. We know that we are missing these key players, but we don't really know which FCD team we will see on the field. I mean Kellyn Acosta has made the transition to midfield now, maybe he slots in next to Ulloa?

What we don't know:

• Will Chicago show up to play?

This Chicago team has shown some late heroics to earn a point, but can they put their gameplan together for 90 minutes to stop FC Dallas from stealing 3 points? It doesn't really look like it with the form they are in, but with Robert Earnshaw playing up top for Chicago, and likely to start against FCD, who knows if he is the spark to light the Fire.

• Will FC Dallas keep their heads?

We have all heard by now how many red cards FC Dallas have earned this year, and how it's a franchise record and one behind the league record... It's obviously a bad record to hold, but can this team turn it around and play smart? It's been talked about since the beginning of Hyndman's tenure, the "emotional intelligence" of the squad, but do the players really understand what it means? I'm not so sure. The heart these players show is fantastic, but sometimes they lose their cool and end up hurting the team. In a game like the Brimstone Cup I'm not so sure FC Dallas will finish with 11 players on the pitch, but one can only hope. Maybe Papi has finally gotten the message across? Who knows....