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Big D Daily: News for Friday, August 29, 2014

FC Dallas heads to Chicago today.

FC Dallas Communications

The weekend is nearly here and so is the month of September. FC Dallas has one game left in August this weekend but before we dive into all of that, lets get to some morning links.

// FC Dallas //

Hernandez and Pareja come clean on injury | Dallas Soccer News

I know many of you have wondered what exactly happened to Moises Hernandez these last couple of weeks. Well, here you go.

Clavijo not taking diagnosis lightly | Soccerly

If you read anything today, make sure it is this one. Seriously, some really good comments from Fernando Clavijo explaining his recent battle with cancer. It is so good to hear that they caught it early and that treatment is going well. We're all with you Fernando!

Keys to the match |

Need a kick start to your weekend prep for the Chicago match? Look no further as the FCD digital guys preview the three keys to the match.

// MLS //

The next Homegrown | MLS Insider

I enjoyed this video as we got to see a look at one Philadelphia youngster that is in the Union's system. I did find it a little odd that with all the history that FCD has with the HGP that they didn't at least interview someone from down here.

Boro says bye bye to Kamara | The Blue Testament

FC Dallas is number two in the Allocation order to get Kei Kamara, if they want him. His former club Columbus is at number one. Honestly, I like the idea of going after him but I am afraid that he wouldn't quite fit into the fabric of this club right now.

Six uncapped players headline US roster for Czech game | Fox Soccer

Lots of new faces this time around from Jurgen Klinsmann. It really is a new World Cup cycle folks.

Morris earns big call-up for college kids |

Jordan Morris isn't a household name at all but he could become one. The Sounder academy star and Stanford player is the first college player called up to the national team in a very long time.