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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, August 28, 2014

One more day until FC Dallas travels north to Chicago.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We're on the back end of the work week here as FC Dallas has another day of prep in town before leaving for Chicago. Up first today is some morning links.

// FC Dallas //

FCD taking it slow with Walter Cabrera | Soccerly

He played the full 90 in the reserve league match last weekend, and will likely do the same this weekend in Chicago. But as far as some first team action goes, be patient.

Playoff picture with nine games to go |

A good look at the rest of the West along with FCD here.

// MLS //

Donovan and LA are hitting their stride with latest win |

Yep another dominating performance out of LA last night. For a moment I had my doubt that they were going to be a scary team to deal with but the last two games have shown me that they're a big contender to win it all in Landon Donovan's final season.

When will MLS say no to expansion? |

Here is a very interesting take on the whole expansion situation in MLS. I've long said 24 teams was always the number, which is turning out to be the case. But it could just come down to simple economics for new spots past that. It is awfully hard to say no to anyone willing to give up $100 million to start a team (at least if you are MLS it is).

Las Vegas inches towards expansion |

People there have the money, and now have the agreement with the local government to build a stadium. All that is left is getting the approval from MLS to have a team.

The Allocation Order is dead | Dynamo Theory

Our rivals down in Houston have a pretty interesting take on the whole Jermaine Jones situation with the allocation order, and other orders in MLS. Clever stuff.

Why RSL won't be signing any USMNT anytime soon | RSL Soapbox

Uh, is it because they already have a pair of them on their team? I don't think it is like they'll be able to convince Mix Diskerud or Sasha Kljestan to come to Utah anyways.

Concussion lawsuit seeks rule change |

In a way, I am all for adding a fourth sub to the game for head injuries. As long as they find ways to make sure teams don't abuse these things, I see a value in adding this. More times than not, that fourth sub won't get used anyways.