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MLS Fantasy Manager: Week 25

Game against Chicago won't be a walk in the park.

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FC Dallas

FC Dallas travels to Chicago this weekend to play the Fire. Right now, the Fire have only won four games. That is tied for dead last in the league with lowly Montreal. But, Chicago has the second least amount of losses with six. You know what that means? They tie a lot. I mean A LOT! They lead the league with 14 draws. Eight of those have been at home. They don't give up points easily. They make you earn it. So, this game will be a fun one.

Who to start/add

Fabian Castillo $6.9 - Castillo is probably the most feared man in MLS right now. No one wants to defend them. They can't. That being said, let's all face it. Lovel Palmer isn't a great right back. He's average at best. Greg Cochrane is only a second year player and just doesn't have the pace to keep up with Castillo. Castillo should have a fun time going down either side of the field or even if he lines up at striker instead of Blas Perez.

Je-Vaughn Watson $5.8 - Watson has at least four fantasy points in each of his last four games. He has been a workhorse for FCD this year, playing everywhere. But most recently, he has been playing right back and playing really well.

Tesho Akindele $5.2 - Only priced at $5.2, Akindele is great value if you don't want to pay a lot for the Robbie Keane's of the world.

Who not to start/add

Victor Ulloa $4.9 - Only a defensive midfield, so doesn't really get many fantasy points.

Walter Cabrera $6.5 - Could Cabrera get his first start? Who knows? Too risky to pick up until he plays a game.

Mauro Diaz $7.8 - I don't think Diaz is quite ready to be back on the pitch just yet.


Only one midweek game this week. So, I'd suggest you consider picking up Los Angeles Galaxy and D.C. United players since they both play two games this week. Double the opportunity for points.

Who to start/add

Robbie Keane $11.8 - Robbie Keane is my favorite fantasy player. He is definitely worth all the money. With a home game against DC and basically another home against Chivas USA, stack up on LA players.

Obafemi Martins $9.4 - Seattle is at home this week against a very depleted Colorado defense. Martins and Clint Dempsey might just run rampant on the Rapids.

Aurelien Collin $9.8 - Sporting Kansas City have been dropping points lately. I was really surprised when they lost 3-0 at home to DC last week. I think they will bounce back and find that SKC way again. Plus, Houston isn't very good at scoring or anything right now.

Who not to start/add

Anyone on Colorado's defense - Sorry Colorado. You had a valiant effort against LA last week. But, that was at home and you still lost, and they scored four times. So, I wouldn't bet on these guys on the road in Seattle against a very good offense.

Lovel Palmer $6.1 / Greg Cochrane $4.8 - Like I said, Castillo will run circles around these guys. Andres Escobar probably will too.

David Horst $6.3 - Houston's defense still isn't that great with the additions of DaMarcus Beasley and Luis Garrido. I think SKC is angry and has something to prove after last week. Watch out for a blow out in this one.

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