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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Plenty to discuss in the MLS world today.

Jeff Gross

We're halfway through the week and nearly at the end of the month here. Time to get to some morning links to kick start this day.

// FC Dallas //

Defensive wall for FCD has been one of the best in MLS since the World Cup |

Nothing like some numbers to back up what we've all been seeing lately.

// MLS //

Donovan to get a farewell game with the US |

Good to see that the US Soccer federation was wise enough to give Landon Donovan a testimonial game in ever since of the matter but the name itself. I kind of wish though that it wasn't in Hartford though, that seems like a weird spot for his last US game, don't ya think?

Cascadia derby living up to the billing |

Yeah, I have to say that this year, more than any other year the Cascadia Cup has definitely lived up to the hype. So many goals, lots of entertainment value there.

Jones situation puts single-entity on spotlight |

Some good points made here about how Jermaine Jones and the whole blind draw madness was handled and how it is going to effect some things moving forward.

Revs players believe Jones will be the best player on the field |

Speaking of Jones, his new teammates are certainly excited by the signing. Given how poorly that team has played since May, yeah their comments aren't too far off.

Chicago fans ask if they should go rouge | Hot Time In Old Town

I have to say, the Fire have handled this Jones situation rather well despite the fact that they didn't get him. But I wouldn't be shocked if that is just them going through the stages of grieving here. They're about to go mental on things by the looks of it.

New York earns first CCL win |

Good for the Red Bulls, they looked calm and comfortable in this game. Plus with Montreal in their group already with two wins, they knew this was a must-win game.

Crew defender Gonzalez sold to Italian side Palermo |

Boy if the rumored figured are true about this deal, Columbus stands to make a good chunk of the $5 million transfer fee in this one. Well of course MLS will take a hefty cut too as will his former club in Europe. But still, that is a pretty good deal but a bad timing for the Crew who are finally getting hot again.