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FC Dallas vs Real Salt Lake: Game grades

Another home win lead to some good grades.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Starting XI

Raul Fernandez - 7

This was one of those games were Raul excelled. He had good command of his back line and most importantly he didn't bobble any of the shots that came directly at him. Huge considering the amount of chances that RSL got in this game. Four saves, one cross caught and a shot punched out of danger. I'm only docking him some points based on the goal he conceded late.

Jair Benitez - 6

I wasn't too aware of Benitez on Friday night but looking back on this game, Jair had one of his better nights before he was subbed out. He had a lot of successful passes to only a couple bad passes. One key pass in the game and a lot of good recovery. As much as I want to see Moises Hernandez be back in the lineup in this position, it is nice knowing the depth FCD has right now here.

Zach Loyd - 8

At times I thought he was the best player on the field on Friday night for both sides. He continues to put himself in good positions when he needs to and he provides the cover that Hedges sometimes lacks. In a small way he has turned into the AJ DeLaGarza type player for Hedges.

Matt Hedges - 8

Just another day at the office for Hedges. Plenty of big clearances in the second half, again he just looks calm and comfortable back there. Plus his partnership with Zach Loyd continues to be better by the game.

Je-Vaughn Watson - 8

He got a couple bonus points for the goal off his chest but really when looking back at this game he continues to prove why I think this is the best position for him, even off the bench when FC Dallas is at full strength. The only negative to his game is the turnovers but his natural athletic allows for him to recover and make up for some mistakes that he has on the field.

Victor Ulloa - 7

I thought about having him up a little higher but looking back there were a few turnovers that I was a little more concerned over. Still, saying that, Victor continues to seize his opportunity in this role and make the best of it.

Michel - 5

While he got the assist on the corner to to Watson and he helped set up the second goal, his yellow will cost him a game this weekend in Chicago. That is a big bummer that the little things in his game force him to make dumb fouls like he did on Friday.

Andres Escobar - 6

In a small way this was another meh kind of game for Manga. But the more I looked back at this game the more I noticed he was defending more in the second half when the club needed him to.That was at least positive to see.

Tesho Akindele - 6

Getting the assist certainly pads his stats a bit for the Rookie of the Year race, but aside from that we saw some moments out of him early where he wasn't getting calls when Chris Schuler or Nat Borchers were jumping over his back.

Fabian Castillo - 8

The kid remains hot. While it took him a little bit to get going in this one due to how Real Salt Lake was defending him, it was just that one little spark and open field was all he really needed to score. All FCD needs to do now is just continue to ride this wave for as long as they can.

Blas Perez - 5

As much as I hate to admit it, this red card was coming in this game. The tension was just there between him, Borchers, Schuler and Kyle Beckerman. But here is the thing, Perez just works his butt off and forces defenders to defend him the way RSL did on Friday night. Sure his reputation hurts him with officials but he is the type of guy defenders hate going up against.

Oscar Pareja - 8

I was a little nervous that Pareja would make a bunch of changes right at halftime to compensate for the red card to Perez but instead he calmed his team down and got them in a better position to score in the way that they did.


Kellyn Acosta - 5

A decent 35 minutes or so for Kellyn. Right now it is more about getting him the minutes he needs to get his fitness back. I do believe he is the better option at right back long-term but I'm more curious to see if Pareja will finally pull the trigger on putting him in the midfield with Ulloa. I do think we're getting very close to seeing that.

Ryan Hollingshead - 5

He had 20 minutes of work on Friday and had some good moments too. A couple of key passes which is always good to see out of a young player but also some bad passes as well. Again, for him right now it is all about getting minutes.

Peter Luccin - n/a

Sometimes ten minutes is enough, sometimes it is not. I would have liked Luccin on the field a little sooner. Still he had a couple good moments in that time but one bad foul that lead to a dangerous free kick.