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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, August 21, 2014

Landon Donovan and the Galaxy capped a pretty ridiculous comeback last night.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

It is nearly game day around these parts as FC Dallas hosts Real Salt Lake tomorrow night. But first we must get through some morning links.

// FC Dallas //

Watson becomes a mentor to Akindele | Dallas Soccer News

Interesting post here but a pretty good one too. Je-Vaughn Watson continues to be the good guy in the FCD locker room. Seriously, he is the nicest dude in there.

MLS fines Escobar for embellishment |

Watch the replay, I'm totally fine with this one. Thankfully there wasn't a suspension for this.

FCD college tour |

Looks like the FCD crew will be out and about at some local colleges here soon. Pretty cool promotion if you ask me. I still think one college night a year at the stadium isn't enough but that may just be me.

// MLS //

Donovan and Galaxy come from behind in a big way |

Down 3-1 at the half, all looked lost for LA. But soccer once again proved to be a weird thing as the Galaxy and Landon Donovan made a ridiculous come back in this one to win 4-3. Oh and Donovan scored the game-winner in his final game at Colorado. Definitely more fitting than his last game at Crew Stadium.

Seattle and SJ settle for a draw |

There is a good result for FCD though. Teams split points and this one was at Seattle too.

Montreal and DCU pick up wins in CCL |

Good results in this one for MLS sides. Montreal is actually looking decent in this tournament. They have two wins already, which sadly enough is half of their regular season total this year.

Is Toronto an elite MLS club yet? |

I think the short answer is no. But if they can continue to improve like we've seen at times this season, then yes.

Potential move to land Jones continues to get weird |

Reports say he signed but Jermaine Jones came out and said he didn't sign anywhere.

New San Jose DP out four to six weeks | Center Line Soccer

Ouch, that isn't good to hear that their new DP Matias Perez Garcia is out just a couple weeks after landing here.

Can the NWSL last? |

Not really FCD or fully MLS related but I thought it was worth a share. I'd still love to see the point where FCD is able to have their own women's team like what we're seeing in Portland and Houston.