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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A decent night for MLS in the CCL and more.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

We're moving nicely through this week as we're at the midway point. Time once again for some morning links.

// FC Dallas //

Tesho talks about hat tricks and more | Extratime Radio

A nice little interview with our rookie.

Behind the numbers |

I totally meant to post this yesterday, or maybe it was Monday. Either way, here is a good look at all the numbers from last Saturday's game.

Nick Walker picks up goal against Club America |

The Mexican side still dominated this one at home but this is going to be something pretty cool that Walker can brag about to his teammates here in Frisco and throughout MLS. Not many people can say they went on the road and scored there.

Acosta happy to be back | Dallas Morning News

It was certainly good to see Kellyn Acosta back on the field this past weekend. Time to see more of that as we move forward into the last 10 games.

// MLS //

Sporting draws opener, Timbers run away with things |

Both MLS sides were on the road last night in the CCL. Portland won in Guyana (which is basically in South America...such a long trip by the way), but Sporting had to come from behind to get a point in Nicaragua.

United return to CCL for first time in five years | Soccer Insider

Here is a good preview of the DCU side of things as they prepare to return to the CCL. I had a debate with someone over the weekend about DCU and how for one their new stadium should hold at least 45k because in their words "it would always sell out" and two that them being successful in MLS again is good for the league, "like the Yankees being good" kind of thing. Weird debate folks, but cool to debate random MLS teams with non-soccer folks.

RSL's Wingert sees the path to the Supporters Shield |

I hope he over looks Friday's game.

Drew Moor out for the rest of the season |

Such a tough, tough break for the former FCD defender. To me that almost kills the Rapids' chances of making the playoffs this season too.

Transfer talk: Jones and the Fire | Hot Time in Old Town

This saga never seems to end. MLS playing their usual cards with him as well have made this even more entertaining.