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FC Dallas vs San Jose Earthquakes, BDS Man of the Match: Fabian Castillo

Two goals, one assists...yeah that will do.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It's no surprise that after running all over the San Jose defense, Fabian Castillo gets our Man of the Match nod. After his two goal and one assist night, Fabian's impressive form continues. He now has had at least a goal or an assist in ten straight matches, dating back to time before his four-game suspension.

Whether it's Fabian feeding off of the team's impressive play or vice versa, things are going well right now in Frisco as the team has now gone nine games without being beaten.

At the beginning of the season we all knew what the young Columbian was capable of, but for the most of us, we questioned his decision-making in the final third. This year, he's really begin to understand just how big of an advantage his speed gives him.

Now, he's taking the ball straight to the goalkeeper and skirting by to slot home the goal. He's also greatly increased his field vision, and his assist number is growing because of it.

For the Hoops' second goal of the night, Fabian received a ball from midfield and then laid it off to Tesho Akindele who spun around eventually sending a rolling ball to the far post that then kicked into the net.

What's made this run so impressive is that I believe it will hold up much better than the run that began the season because these players now have more chemistry than ever before, the defense now gets shutouts on a regular basis, and players are understanding the roles they need to play for the team.

All of this has culminated in games like Saturday's, where the offense is able to attack forward and be confident that they're defense will be a stronghold behind them. Matt Hedges had an outstanding game, as all night he harassed the San Jose attackers, and they never really had a solid chance at a goal, besides the skied penalty from Chris Wondolowski.

Friday's game is monumental if FC Dallas wants to prove it can run with the top of the Western Conference pack. If the offense continues to shine like it has of late, leading the league in goals, then I don't see why this team can't continue to climb.

What were your thoughts on the match? Who was your Man of the Match? Vote and comment below! DTID!