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View From the East: Demolition Job

Everything just seemed to fall into place at Buck Shaw stadium on Saturday night for FC Dallas and everything seemed to go wrong for San Jose.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Annihilation, destruction, humiliation, obliteration. Call it what you will but FC Dallas went into San Jose with mercy not in their vocabulary and seemingly took the anguish of Tuesday's painful home PK loss to The Union and turned it into a passion and intensity that San Jose didn't even seem willing to match. I believe this night was "Latin Heritage night" at Buckshaw stadium, and the place sold out to see FC Dallas roll into town with the home crowd hoping that San Jose would get their 3rd win over Pareja's men and complete the season sweep against them.

FCD rolled out a new lineup that saw Fabian Castillo paired up top with Tesho Akindele then had Hollingshead earn what I believe was his first professional start in an MLS league game. Bold roster moves from Pareja that saw some nice roster rotations that worked out nicely, but still no Walker Zimmerman back :(

Dominant First Half

Honestly if you told me after long-ball Tuesday that we'd be playing a nice crisp and free flowing possession game against the Earthquakes in their own home I would've called you mad. But that's exactly what was played out on the field, San Jose couldn't hold on to the ball to save their lives. An old friend in Atiba Harris kept giving our men the ball with wayward passes or bad touches that really allowed our midfield to completely dominate and keep the ball. I was frustrated at the beginning. We had a great spell of possession and numerous attacking opportunities but had nothing to show for it. Then our rising star came out of the sky to lead us into the light as Fabian Castillo fought off Hernandez, then glided past his bad tackle to chip one over an in form Busch. When Castillo scored he was surrounded by 3 defenders and the keeper and still managed to put it through by himself. An incredible individual effort opened up the flood gates as Castillo and Tesho piled on the hurt. Fortune favored San Jose for a little while it seemed as Ulloa was unfairly called for a dubious penalty that I think was a clear flop from the SJ player. Fortunately the ball never lies, and Wondolowski sailed it far over the cross bar. Eerily similar to another shot from CW that I repeat in my head at least a few times a week.

Effective Second Half

we had the lead and needed to hold on while still carrying a threat. This resulted in precise counter attacking soccer from FCD which favored its' faster players over the SJ defense. A couple of defensive mistakes later and the score was out of hand for San Jose. One bright spot for San Jose, however, was a youngster named Tommy Thompson who came on later in the game to try and do something (anything really at this point.)The Dallas defense seemed puzzled with how to deal with the new guy and TT's quality showed as immediately there was an attacking threat coming from the Earthquakes. It wasn't enough as FCD also saw out a road clean sheet. Incredible game and an unbelievable result.

What did you guys think of having Tesho and Castillo pair up? How terrible did San Jose look?! Who else thinks we can ride this wave and crush RSL when we host them this Friday? Let me know in the comments!