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Big D Daily: News for Friday, August 15, 2014

The weekend is nearly here as FC Dallas is heading west to San Jose.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Yet another week down here as we seem to quickly move through the summer. FC Dallas is going to California today and we'll have more preview content up later today. But first as always some morning links.

// FC Dallas //

Pareja gives players a day off on Thursday | Soccerly

Definitely a good call to give some guys some rest and allow them to mentally put Tuesday's USOC loss out of their minds. They still have a long way to go this season so being in the right mental state is key.

FCD breaks ground on Jubilee Park |

One of those things to come out of their Middle East trip, a new park in the Fair Park area of Dallas.

Footgolf anyone? |

Looks like FCD is jumping on the latest craze. Man I haven't played that game since I was in junior high.

// MLS //

All access at the MLS All-Star game |

The MLS digital crew always do really good work on events like this. Enjoy.

Portland braces for long road trip |

I know a lot of folks think they can still get into the playoffs but trips like this is why I am hesitant to think the Timbers can do it. Going from Portland to New England to Guyana and back is no easy task. For anyone.

Remembering Kirk Urso | Massive Report

A good read here for those who want to take a moment and think about this young man who passed away way too soon.

Jones has off the field value for New England | The Bent Musket

This never ending saga now between Jermain Jones and MLS clubs has to end at some point right?

San Diego seeks top flight team | The Guardian

It would be a heck of a market to get a MLS team in but no one is stepping up here to do so. I still recall the one time MLS went to this market for an All-Star game and flopped big time.

Premier League Preview |

Just because it is the start of the new EPL season, here is the SBN guide to each of the clubs.