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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, August 14, 2014

Time to quickly move on from Tuesday's Open Cup loss and turn our attention towards San Jose.

Cooper Neill

The work week is nearly over for most of us as FC Dallas is getting ready to take on San Jose this weekend. It is time now for some morning links.

// FC Dallas //

Okwuono named to Hermann watch list |

I keep saying I need to update some Homegrown Player lists for this place, maybe I'll get started on that today after seeing this news about Boyd. The kid is now going into his senior season at UNC. One has to think he is next in line for a HGP spot.

// MLS //

Yedlin's deal to Tottenham is done |

Some are still up in arms about how this deal all works out. Based on how I read it, this is more of an agreement in place to transfer him in 2015. Not a he's sold right now and then loaned back to Seattle. In a small way, think of the Richard Sanchez deal with Tigres, in my mind these two deals are fairly similar in how the player is sold but won't technically move to the new team until later.

Sounders hammer Fire |

Speaking of Seattle, good grief they pounded Chicago last night to the tune of six goals. SIX! Oh look at the calendar, FCD plays the Fire here pretty soon.

A look at the 'hottest' MLS venues | Soccerly

I don't see this as a way to talk about the winter calendar move but it is a good reminder of how darn hot it can truly get in some places, including Dallas.

RSL aim to field a USL PRO team in 2015 | RSL Soapbox

Yet another MLS side that wants to field their own team. Still no official word from FCD but it is starting to look and sound like they'll just line up an affiliation instead of fielding a team but more on that later.

EJ suspended two games | Black and Red United

Kick a ball at a player while he is on the ground, yeah that will get you suspended just about every time.

The USOC and its empty stands problem | Top Drawer Soccer

Some great discussion from yesterday about how the USOC is really a niche tournament for the diehards.