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FC Dallas vs Colorado Rapids, Man of the Match: Michel

The Brazilian had his hand in every FCD goal.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday night saw FC Dallas move it's unbeaten streak to eight games in a row with a 3-1 victory over the Colorado Rapids. For the team, they've seen several players step up during this run like Tesho Akindele, Moises Hernandez and Zach Loyd. This week, that same glimmer of excellence came from Brazilian defensive midfielder Michel.

The Hoops' penalty specialist had a hand in all three of the games' goals, including scoring the second on a penalty to the bottom right corner.

Michel has not consistently started since coming back from injury, as he has split time with Adam Moffat. If he continues to play the way he did Saturday night, he might have a chance at becoming injured Hendry Thomas's permanent replacement.

On the first goal of the game, Michel received the ball back in the corner after a corner kick and had plenty of time to pick out a diving Walker Zimmerman who's shot was slotted home after deflecting off of the Rapid's Clint Erwin.

On the team's third goal, it was Michel's service that ultimately found the foot of the streaking Fabian Castillo.

On a night where we did not see Mauro Diaz at his finest, it was comforting to see that other players can play a major role in the offense besides star players.

Another aspect of Michel's game that often goes unnoticed is his defensive work. At times, he can be lazy and go for ill-advised tackles, but he's a guy that can add bite to the defensive half while offering quality offense.

Michel now leads the team in goals, and the most impressive stat of all is that he is a spotless 5-for-5 from the penalty spot.

It's very nice, especially as the team comes down the stretch, to have a guy that players can rely on to punish teams for committing fouls in the penalty area.

The Brazilian has always been a favorite player of mine because he's one of those players that I think I would fear as the opposing team, and I'm glad the good guys have in.

As the Western Conference playoff race heats up, having a left-footed weapon in Michel could be vital, especially when it comes down to the penalty spot.

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