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Big D Daily: News for Friday, August 1, 2014

George John goes to the IR along with Hendry Thomas, so what does FCD do with that extra roster space?

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

As weird as it is to say, we only have three more months left in this season. Crazy. Lets get down to some morning links to get our Friday started.

// FC Dallas //

Hernandez's talent is taking over | Dallas Morning News

We've seen a big growth in some of our younger players this season, and Moises Hernandez is no exception.

Hedges ready to step up as a leader |

Call him Cap, or Captain...or both. Either Matt Hedges is now the team captain here.

Rookie Rankings: Tesho rising fast |

The writers at MLS still love them some Harrison Shipp at Chicago but the way Tesho Akindele is playing these days, they've at least caught on to what we all ready know here. I just hope the club starts to really push Tesho for ROY sooner rather than later. As annoying as some clubs publicity for their players is around awards, it does work if done properly.

Pareja on roster moves |

Three open spaces now with Hendry Thomas and George John on the IR. Plenty of room to work with if you ask me to fill some of those wholes.

// MLS //

Ronaldinho in touch with RBNY |

Come on Red Bulls, make it happen...even if you really don't need him.

Arena not talking about Kljestan rumors |

I find it a tad hard to believe that LA could even get Sasha Kljestan in on a short-term loan and remain under the cap...oh is LA I am talking about here.

Quakes get new Argentina DP |

While I think this guy will be great for San Jose, I'm doubtful he'll learn MLS quick enough to make an impact this season.

Johnson responds to Ching | Dynamo Theory

I love this back and forth between Eddie Johnson and Brian Ching. Good hype for this weekend's game between Houston and DC.

Besler would have gone to Fulham | No Short Corners

Had Fulham been in the Premier League he would have gone. Interesting.