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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, July 9, 2014

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FCD is in North Carolina today for a quarterfinal clash in the USOC.

Laurence Griffiths

The lone game of the week for FC Dallas is here today as they are in North Carolina. We'll have plenty on this game coming up but first some morning links.

// FC Dallas //

USOC match has extra meaning for Oscar Pareja and Colin Clark | Soccerly

I've always felt Clark deserved another shot in MLS. Hopefully that day will come soon enough for him.

A quick look at tonight's opponent |

Get everything you need to know about the Carolina Railhawks here. Also, the stat you'll hear a dozen times today is that they've already beaten two MLS clubs in this year's tournament.

FCD Youth show well at regional tournament |

The youth scene for FCD continues to be strong with results like this one.

// MLS //

Le Toux and Philly down New England |

Alright then, should FCD win tonight, they'll host Philly again.

Porter dislikes the coin flip procedure in the USOC |

It is better than the bidding war that teams used to go through but I have to admit, it is still a pretty crappy system.

Whitecaps set to open USL PRO team in 2015 |

Darn, they beat us to the punch. But at least we know FCD is still on target for doing the same. The way it looks right now, 2015 will have at least four MLS second teams playing in this division with LA, Vancouver, FCD and NY. I wouldn't be shocked to see someone like Seattle join that mix as well.

MLS wants to have it both ways with celebrations |

Yeah, they come down on players for creative celebrations like the one we saw out of Dom Dwyer this weekend. The thing is they love celebrations like that. Or at least their website does.

// World Cup //

What happened in Brazil on Tuesday |

Holy moly...that was a beating no one saw coming. Hell, even the betting books didn't have odds available for a 5-0 scoreline at halftime. Crazy.

What Brazil fans get progressively sadder |

Need a bit of a laugh? Here ya go.

A haunting defeat for Brazil |

Some are saying this result is worse than them losing in the 1950 final to Uruguay. I tend to agree with that thought.

Like Germany yesterday, well that is the US team in 20 years |

Bold statement from Simon Borg but I would hope that 20 years is more like eight or 10.

Projection for 2018 | Huffington Post

Random to see some original soccer content on this site but I felt their roster was worth sharing. No FCD guys listed but we do see our old pal Brek Shea on this list.