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FC Dallas vs Philadelphia Union: Game Grades

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The temperature wasn't the only thing at Toyota Stadium that was hot on July 4th. Lets take a look at the individual performances from Friday.

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Starting XI

Chris Seitz - 6

Apparently Oscar Pareja says that Seitz has a torn right quad and they are not sure how long he will be out. He will definitely be missed by this team. Before his injury Chris had been having a good game. He wasn't really tested by the Union offense except for the goal given up but after watching that I think that lies at the feet of Mo Hernandez  and Victor Ulloa. Seitz ended the night with one save to his credit and we hope he gets better soon.

Zach Loyd - 6

A nice performance from the right back on Friday night. Zach was effective on both sides of the ball and helped to free up players in the attack. He could have done better on the Union goal to be in a better position and help shut down the cross but that's about the only complaint I could have for him on the night.

Stephen Keel - 7

One of the better games we've seen from Keel over the past month or so. The guy was a wall in the box and was amazing in the air all night. He tended to stray a little further from the box than I would like (as he's prone to do) but when you have a guy like Hedges covering you I can forgive it.

Matt Hedges - 8

Great as always. Solid distribution out of the back, great defensive work, and the dude even had a shot. Of course his job was made easier by the almost complete lack of attack from the Union but you still can't say enough about how important he has become, not just to the back line, but the entire team.

Mo Hernandez - 5.5

It was a tale of two halves for Hernandez. In my view he had the most culpability on the goal given up. Dude just stood there asleep and watched the ball go by him twice. He was sloppy and didn't seem to be in the game mentally. The second half however was a different story. Whatever happened/was said to him at half time worked because he played like a man possessed. He was clean, concise, and aggressive and looked very dangerous for stretches.

Victor Ulloa - 7

*Copy praise from all season. Insert here* Going to start calling this kid The Rock because that's what he's been for this squad in 2014.

Adam Moffat - 6

A nice performance from the Scotsman on Friday. he's finally playing like he wants to play from FC Dallas instead of passing the ball to the other team. The unfortunate thing for Adam is that now that Hendry Thomas is getting back on the field Moffat will see less and less playing time.

Je-Vaughn Watson - 7

Is there anything this guy can't do? He was involved in the attack, he was involved in linking play, and he was involved in helping out the defense. One thing he has definitely done this year is silence all of those FCD fans who doubted him last year. Also who knew he had ninja flying skills?

Andres Escobar - 6.5

While he didn't have any shots on the night he still looked dangerous and drew defenders away from other players. He continues to come into himself and is quickly becoming an important part of this team. Some will still question his salary numbers but I think we can all see what Clavijo and the rest of the FC Dallas staff saw in him when they brought him on board.

Blas Perez - 7

How good did Blas look on Friday huh? While it's clear that he's lost a step from previous seasons he is most definitely benefiting from the presence of a strike partner and the growth of Escobar as a scoring threat. He's not taking all the pressure to score on his shoulders and it's doing him wonders. And that assist on Tesho's as it gets.

Tesho Akindele - 8

Okay I'll admit it. I'm turning into a fan boy. That goal?!? Wow... Just imagine what the offense will look like with Tesho, Blas, Castillo, Diaz, and either Escobar or Watson. The youngster continues to play above what most thought he was capable of. Whether dropping back to help pick up balls or stretching the defense we are seeing growth from him every game and at this point in his career that's all you can ask for.

Oscar Pareja - 8

This time last year FC Dallas was floundering to scrape a single point out of thin air. This year they stumbled in May but, in large part due to Oscar's leadership, they didn't fall flat on their face. Whatever it is that he's doing the players are responding. Maybe that's the biggest difference between last season and now.

Off The Bench

Hendry Thomas - 8

While having Mauro back is HUGE for this team I can't say how excited I am to have Hendry back. The guy is a lynchpin in the midfield and there is no one better for Victor Ulloa to watch a learn from. I'm still pushing for the nickname "The Janitor" because the dude mops up the midfield.

Raul Fernandez - 7

It has to be tough for a keeper to come off the bench cold and absorb pressure. Raul made a couple of nice saves and helped preserve the win. While the depth behind him is thin (never thought I'd say that this year) he is one hell of a replacement for FCD to have  while Seitz is out.

Mauro Diaz - 8

He stepped on the field and within 15 seconds made an IMMEDIATE impact. It's just crazy what this man brings to the pitch. I don't know if I've ever heard an FC Dallas crowd cheer that loudly when a sub came on.