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FC Dallas vs Philadelphia Union: BDS MoTM, Tesho Akindele

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The rookie's goal was something else on Friday.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In Frisco, things look to be shaping up quite nicely once again, and just in time.

Saturday night, FC Dallas recorded several victories outside of it's 2-1 win in front of the 6th-largest crowd The Hoops have ever seen.

The return of Hendry Thomas and Mauro Diaz saw the team start to show some of it's former identity in the late minutes of the game, even with the quad injury suffered by Chris Seitz.

As for your Man of the Match, I was torn between Tesho Akindele and Moises Hernandez, but I don't think I can deny the man who had a hand in both of the team's goals.

Hernandez did a wonderful job of tracking forward, holding possession, and passing efficiently, which absolutely attributed to FCD's 57% share of possession and the feeling that the team always seemed in control during the game.

That being said, Tesho quickly is becoming one of my favorite players and he seems to be more comfortable on the ball each week. His great combination of size and quickness as well as the ability to hold up play makes him a very viable threat, especially with the return of the midfield maestro (forgive me) Mauro Diaz.

I think Tesho can work on his movements off of the ball, but for a rookie, I really believe he can give Harrison Shipp a run for his money in regards to the ROY.

I think that this team wh be right in the thick of things at the end of the season of they can keep getting healthy and utilize the speed that Mo and Zach have as outside backs. I'm very interested to see how the lineups shape up going forward, especially as Michel and Fabian Castillo come back.

Good times are ahead, but with that said, best wishes to Seitzy, he's one of the best good guys this league has.

What were your thoughts from Saturday's game? Who was your MoTM? Vote and comment below!