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Big D Daily: News for Monday, July 7, 2014

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FC Dallas earned three more points over the weekend while the World Cup got cut down to four teams.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It may be hard to even think about it but the World Cup is nearly over. At least we have some solid FC Dallas talk to fall back on now.

// FC Dallas //

Four takeaways from the win over Philadelphia | Soccerly

We have plenty more coming from this game too but this is a good place to start.

Akindele proves he has a short memory on his misses in Columbus |

Good thing he left those bad chances in Ohio because that goal he scored on Friday was a lovely piece of work.

FCD happy with win over Philly |

Definitely a solid three points but more importantly, the band is getting back together.

// MLS //

Where MLS is right now and going forward in 2014 |

A bit on how the league can continue to build things up as we move forward.

Besler happy in KC but will look at options |

Very curious to see how SKC keeps both Matt Besler and Graham Zusi. Besler is almost certain to leave in my opinion.

Dwyer got a yellow for his selfie celebration | The Blue Testiment

But the real question here is did he deserve it? Eh, yeah he did. But still, very cool celebration.

Yedlin appears to be going on trial at Roma |

Boy, that will be a loss if this deal gets through. DeAndre Yedlin in a Roma kit may be something we could see later this summer here in Dallas when they play Real Madrid. Crazy.

Sporting boss tolls Sounders owners |

I think this is just good business.

MLS's status as a seller league |

We're still in the selling game folks. FCD fans know that well with the young guys being sold in recent years like Sanchez and Shea.