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George John undergoes successful knee surgery to end his 2014 season

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The club has placed the veteran defender on the season-ending IR along with Hendry Thomas.


In a small way FC Dallas fans can breathe a tad bit easier knowing there is finally a resolution to the situation surrounding defender George John. The club announced on Thursday evening that the veteran defender has undergone a successful knee surgery and will be out for the remainder of the season.

John underwent successful surgery to repair his right knee this morning at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital in Southlake.

Dr. Michael Nguyen performed an osteoplasty of the medial femur to repair the knee, which has sidelined John throughout the 2014 season. According to the club's press release, the recovery from the procedure will keep the veteran center back out for the remainder of the season and he will be placed on the season-ending injury list.

Here is the full rule from the league's website about the season ending injury list:

A team with a player lost to a season-ending injury can place the player on the Season Ending Injury List and replace that player on its roster, while remaining responsible for the full amount of the injured player's salary. A player can be placed on the season-ending injury list once another player has been signed as a replacement (provided the team has budget space). International player limits still apply at the time a season-ending replacement is made (with the player being replaced not counting against those limits).

The team has also placed midfielder Hendry Thomas on the injured reserve list as well. At the end of the day, this opens up two roster spots for Fernando Clavijo and Oscar Pareja to work with this summer. Earlier this week the club traded Andrew Jacobson to New York City FC to open up the proper cap space to make some moves this summer before the transfer deadline closes.

It is unclear at this time as to whether or not the moves of John and Thomas to the IR actually frees up any cap space. I would imagine there will be some room that opens up but not the full amount for either player. Based on the line that says "provided the team has budget space" leads me to believe that teams in this case won't get any help in the cap space department, but I could be wrong.