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August Outlook: The going gets tougher for FC Dallas

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Five league games and one big USOC semifinal are on tap for the month of August.

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June and July were super kind to FC Dallas in terms of scheduling and breaks. But all of that is about to change as one of the meatier months on the season schedule is approaching.

FCD enters the month of August unbeaten in league play in their last six games. This will certainly be a make or break kind of month for the playoff chances as teams catch up in the standings in the games-played department.

Chivas USA - away - August 3 (9pm)

Up first is a weekend trip back to the west coast with Chivas USA. The Goats were looking fairly strong in the summer months as well but have dropped their last two games. If FCD is to ever snap their eight-game winless streak on the road, it has to be this weekend.

Colorado Rapids - home - August 9 (8pm)

Home games have felt few and far between these last couple of months due to the breaks in the schedule. Next will be a visit from Oscar Pareja's old bunch. As we saw in their last visit to Frisco, they'll be gunning for the points. But I'll continue to say, you win your home games from here on out and the playoffs are a real thing.

Philadelphia Union - home - August 12 (8pm) - USOC

A big time meeting here just days after the Rapids visit. By then we should have some guys off the injury report (hopefully), so the depth issue shouldn't be a thing. Hosting this game is a big deal but winning it is even bigger. The chance to go to the Cup final for the first time in a few years is a real thing. Time to make the most of it.

San Jose Earthquakes - away - August 16 (9:30pm)

Yay another trip to the west coast. This one may be the one game on the schedule this month that I am willing to cut as a loss if it means the club has won the last three games above.

Real Salt Lake - home - August 22 (8pm)

A big game on NBC Sports for us here not to mention it is a random Friday game (get used to that going forward into 2015). I'm very curious to see what kind of RSL team enters this game at the end of this month. The one that started off the season so well or the one we've seen struggle through the summer.

Chicago Fire - away - August 30 (7:30pm)

The Brimstone Cup for us all. FCD will be looking to regain it after suffering defeat at home last year in this game. I'll continue to ask, is this a rivalry game? We'll see.


I'll continue to beat the drum of you win your home games and go for draws on the road. This is a perfect month to continue that plan. In my mind, all six of these games are winnable. I think a fair result to the month is at least eight points with a high hopes of getting 11 and advancing into the finals of the USOC.

I'm confident in at least eight points but I'll leave it to you all to discuss. What do you think is a doable point total this month for FC Dallas?