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Looking at the centerback options for FC Dallas on the open market

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With AJ sold, rumor talks are up around here. Who should Dallas get?

Jamie McDonald

Full admission that this is not my area, but there's been enough interest and chatter floating on the interwebs that I thought we should try to consolidate here. I'm just populating what I've seen, not placing any merit on the thought. I also don't have a full grasp on the allocation, the salary cap or anything related to how MLS acquires players. So again, this is just a list of what I've seen. I'm hoping for others to have their say and throw in your ideas of who Dallas should grab.


General consensus is that FC Dallas will be making a move for a centerback. It appears that the position in need of the most help at the moment given the long term injury to George John and the recent concussion scare with Matt Hedges. That said, here's what been floated out there in no particular order:

Oguchi Onyewu - out of contract, I'm assuming has to go through allocation.

Jonathan Spector - believe he has one year left with Birmingham City.

Michael Orozco - believe he's still on loan at Puebla in Liga MX?

Obviously these are all former USMNT players and would probably do well in MLS. Anyone else you guys think Dallas might make a run for?

[Editor's note: All three would come through the allocation process should they sign with MLS. Currently FCD is sitting at number two in the order behind the Columbus Crew.]