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What We Know and What We Don't Ahead of Philly

FC Dallas and Philadelphia Union both enter on 5 match unbeaten streaks, so we go over some key points before they square off.


It will be a capacity, or near capacity, crowd for FC Dallas at Toyota Stadium on July 4, but that doesn't mean it will be an easy task for the home team. The Philadelphia Union have found their stride and look to snag a result on the road in what will likely be a scorching match in Frisco.

What we know:

• Both teams are undefeated in 5

This should tell us that both teams have a renewed life and will look to continue to their streaks. Philadelphia have a 3 match win streak going on so it will be no easy task for FCD, but on the flip side The Hoops have won 3 of their last 5 matches. It very well may be whichever team fails to carry over their form that leaves the stadium disappointed.

• Philadelphia can, and probably will, score goals

The Union struggled to put the ball in the back of the net early on in the season, but they have scored 9 goals in their last 3 MLS matches. This should come as a bit of a scare to FCD fans everywhere as well all know how poor our defending has been so far this season. At least we are coming off of a shutout.

• Philadelphia have new belief in Jim Curtin

It came as no surprise when John Hackworth was relieved of his duties and Jim Curtin took over. What is a bit more surprising is that Curtin completely transformed this team in a matter of days. Philly are undefeated with Curtin leading the charge and with little to scout for Pareja's staff, they will have to rely on playing their own game and not letting Philly hold possession.

What we don't know:

• How Philly will line up

Jim Curtin has only been in charge for 5 matches and has trotted out 4 different formations. He has used a 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 4-2-3-1 and a 4-3-3. Although formations are not everything, they do give a strong feel for the identity of the club and it is tough to say how Philly will play without knowing which formation they will throw at FCD.

• Can FC Dallas play without Castillo

In the Columbus match last week we saw a dull offense from FCD as we were missing the speed of Castillo on the left flank. With Michel likely to fill in on the left side of midfield, there will be an incredible loss of pace in the attack and it is unknown how Dallas will compensate. Escobar will likely play the #10 role with Watson on the right, but neither one of them have shown to be a consistent threat throughout the season, leaving the question - Can FC Dallas survive without Castillo on the field?