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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, July 3, 2014

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A big holiday is around the corner....time for some fireworks!

Kevin C. Cox

We're inching closer to the next home game for FC Dallas as they host Philadelphia tomorrow evening. But first some morning links.

// FC Dallas //

Castillo has learned plenty from his red card in Portland | Soccerly

Hopefully that is the case, he'll miss this entire month of MLS games because of that outburst. Thankfully the USOC, a friendly and maybe some reserve league games will keep him hot and fresh.

Twitter voting is open for the All Star Game |

Follow this guide and vote your little hearts out.

Getting to know AJ |

I like these little Q&As that FCD's digital department is putting together these days. AJ is one of my favorite guys to talk to, so get to know him a little better here.

// MLS //

Chivas downs San Jose in midweek clash |

I'm alright with teams below FCD in the standings beating up on one another.

Got the soccer bug from the World Cup run, keep it going |

Another good list to pass along to friend, co-workers, family that have gotten into soccer because of this US run in the World Cup. Eventually they'll stick around with us crazies.

Montreal adds new DP | Mount Royal Soccer

Could this Argentine be the answer for the Impact? Maybe...but probably not this season.

Is RSL in a tailspin? | RSL Soapbox

Good question to ask for a team that started off so well this season. Getting Kyle Beckerman and Nick Rimando back will go a long, long way.

Open letter to Garber | Dynamo Theory

I can get behind this, the Dynamo fans want more local ownership involved to help their club out. I'm surprised MLS hasn't forced AEG sell their majority shares yet in this club.

Could Rhode Island be the next home for the Revs? | The Bent Musket

Woah, that seems a little strange but if it works, it works. Either way, the Revs need to get out of that NFL stadium ASAP.

// World Cup //

Donovan - US wasn't set up to succeed in Brazil |

He's talking tactically...alright then.

Howard sees a bright future for the US with or without him |

I honestly think, baring any injury, he'll be there in Russia in 2018.

Hunting White Elephants in Manaus |

A long read here but a good one about the Amazonian stadium.