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The Splendid and Just Nasty - Castillo Clout

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An evaluation of Fabian Castillo's recent run using three simple categories

Oh, Fabian. If only you knew how much we love you.
Oh, Fabian. If only you knew how much we love you.
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The Splendid

Hungry, Hungry, Castillo!

Fabian Castillo has been playing out of his mind recently, finally giving FC Dallas fans a glimmer of what they have been hoping to see from this 21 year old for a long time: consistency. Fabian has been a terror for every defense he played in June, accounting for FOUR goals in FOUR games, a feat that us FC Dallas fans can only dream of.

A healthy Mauro Diaz and stunning Fabian Castillo can make this team one of the scariest teams going forward in attack. Castillo's game-breaking speed was sorely missed in the team's last match vs. Columbus. The counter-attack produced a few good chances this week, but FC Dallas wins that game on Sunday if Fabian Castillo features in it. I like this hungriness Fabian Castillo has brought to the table in the month of June. We will see if he and Mauro can find chemistry that could make them unstoppable and help FC Dallas make a playoff push.

Skipping over the substandard for this week's edition because Castillo is like the famous case of Jekyll and Hyde. He is either doing wonders for this team or harming it, no in-between. Castillo (like myself) is still a young man and is learning how to deal with life and all of its' knuckle-balls (get your mind out of the gutter. I was thinking Cristiano's free kicks not baseball pitches.)

The Just Nasty

Time To Be A Man, Fabian!

We all saw the flashes of brilliance from Fabian Castillo, so why wasn't he on the field for the Crew match on Sunday? Apparently, Castillo was issued a red card that the public was not aware of for bumping in to the referee after the Portland match. Castillo was caught on camera absolutely livid at the calls made towards the end of the match by the officiating crew.

Afterwards, the MLS Disciplinary Committee decided Castillo's actions warranted a FOUR game suspension. Unfortunately, this comes at (arguably) the peak of Castillo's performances in an FC Dallas uniform. What is even more unfortunate is that Castillo did this to himself. We all wanted to break things after that Portland result. It was absolutely brutal given how hard the men had worked for 75+ minutes.

However, a part of the maturation of the human being is learning how to cope with stressful situations by downplaying public emotions that could negatively affect an individual's career or personal life. Fabian Castillo has to learn this the hard way by having to deal with a suspension of some sort (appeals have been submitted). In essence, Castillo let his team down. These next few stretches of matches are crucial to the playoff push with players returning from injuries (FINALLY!). Having to play them without Castillo only makes things worse and makes us all wonder if that is going to be the story of the season (again?). Never being able to field a full-strength lineup because of injuries/suspensions. Castillo has been brilliant in shouldering some of the load while Mauro and Co. were recovering, but his selfish rant has the potential to cause this team to drop a few more points than it can afford to. We may have seen a maturation of Fabian, the player.

Now, it may be time for us to see the maturation of Fabian, the individual. Having to play without another dynamic play-maker on offense for a month or so? That, my fellow DTID'ers, is just nasty.

For the record, I know Castillo was just looking out for his teammates. I probably would have done the same thing if I was in his situation. I also know Fabian is a great guy. Always upbeat and joking around with the FCD staff. I am merely stating that the time has come for Fabian to become the star we have been waiting anxiously. With stardom, comes a responsibility. Unfortunately for Mr. Castillo, the responsibility was too much to handle and he cracked under pressure against the Timbers. I look forward to seeing his hunger and state of mind when he returns.