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FC Dallas vs Vancouver Whitecaps: Game Grades

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How did each player do this past week, time to hand out some grades.

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Starting XI

Raul Fernandez - 8

About as good as it can get for a keeper. So many good saves in this one that kept Vancouver from getting the lead back in this one. The only thing I am docking him on was he penalty kick. The guy has to improve in that department in my book going forward. Outside of that he was easily one of the best players on the field on Sunday.

Zach Loyd - 7

Loyd really has come into top form over the last month or so. Maybe it has to do with seeing Kellyn Acosta getting healthy again, pushing him in training, or maybe it is just that we're finally seeing a guy that is comfortable here again. Either way, this is the Loyd we all know and love watching.

Walker Zimmerman - 5

I don't think he is suited for a three-man back line but he did show well at times in the second half not to get beaten so easily. His tackles in the open field are certainly something he excels at but the guy has to improve in the passing game, that continues to be a weakness that teams can see and expose.

Matt Hedges - 4

Only a half of duty for this center back due to some concussion like symptoms that caused him to leave early. Decent when he needed to be but was really caught off guard on the first Vancouver goal.

Stephen Keel - 5

I've been very impressed with Keel more so on his attitude and leadership. That is his biggest strength to this club. Not to mention he is so cheap for this club (less than $50k a year is insane for what they are getting out of him).

Moises Hernandez - 8

I don't fault him at all for the penalty that tied the game up. Mo had a really strong game over all though despite that one play. He got forward when the club needed him to and played really well in recovery. Plus, that ball that set up the first goal for FCD was something else. Even if Jair Benitez were healthy, I don't think he would be starting right now over Mo.

Adam Moffat - 7

Decent game overall. I may be rating him higher than others at the moment but the last couple of games had proven why the club traded for him in the offseason. He keeps the pressure off the defense when you need him to and works well to get the ball forward.

Victor Ulloa - 7

Another tidy game from the Homegrown. The kid just continues to put in the effort across the field that the club needs. Do yourself a favor and watch his recovery in the 80th minute. That goal saving tackle was something else.

Michel - 5

I give him a five simply because of the PK. Outside of that he probably would have earned only a three from me this week. He didn't see a ton of the ball and truthfully, I had Hedges not gotten hurt, I think he would have come off at halftime for Mauro Diaz.

Tesho Akindele - 5

The formation in the first half really hindered what he was able to do up front but the kid worked hard in that half. The second half he was pushed wide a little more, which isn't his strong suit. I think this weekend we'll see the Tesho we're accustomed to with either Andres Escobar or Fabian Castillo back on the field.

Blas Perez - 8

This was the first game in a long time that I felt Perez stepped up as a leader. Even more so when Hedges went out at half time, you could see the team rally around Perez. I have to think this was one of his best games in 2014.

Oscar Pareja - 6

I give Oscar credit for trying some new things in the first half. Not having Castillo, Escobar or Je-Vaughn Watson available really hindered what he could do offensively. Plus, if you scouted the Whitecaps, you would know they struggle with a three-man midfield. It was a gamble that nearly worked out.


Mauro Diaz - 5

I still don't think he is fully ready for a full game and being on turf for 45 probably wasn't great for him either. He struggled to find the ball at times in this one and I still question his confidence at the moment based on that late sequence that saw him pass instead of shooting at the end of the game when Ryan Hollingshead passed the ball to him.

Peter Luccin - 4

He was the sub I wanted at that point in the game. That is what he is there for at this point. Come in late, close out to help close out the game for the club. Nothing more is really expected these days of him.

Ryan Hollingshead - n/a

Looked dangerous in the brief minute or two that he was on the field. I really hope he continues to push players in front of him to get minutes here as the season goes on.