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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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Where does the Revs' losing streak stand in history? Tampa Bay talking MLS clubs again. And could Ronaldinho finally come to MLS?

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The month of August is nearly here but time to discuss some links this morning to get this Tuesday going.

// FC Dallas //

Raul vs Raul vs Raul |

Which save was the best? Seriously, good luck deciding.

Up close and personal with David Texeira |

Time to get to know one of the newer FCD players.

// MLS //

Galaxy dominate Sounders on MNF |

The one team that really scares me in the West continues to be LA. Last night proved why.

Whitecaps struggle to explain lack of goals against FCD |

30 shots and only two go in (one being a penalty). Yeah, I would struggle to explain that too.

Where the Revs' losing streak stands in history | The Bent Musket

Let me just say it is bad. Very bad where the Revs are these days. Lucky for them, the Eastern Conference is rather easy so anything is still possible for them to get back into the thick of things.

After a year, Dempsey feeling good about the community in Seattle |

Love hearing that Clint Dempsey is happy in Seattle. Just happy to see that he is here in MLS and is doing well too.

Ronaldinho an option again for MLS? |

Yes please, someone sign this guy even if he is well past his prime.

MLS teams stumble to make the most of friendlies | Fox Soccer

I have to say the more I look at the summer friendlies the more I feel like most, if not all MLS teams fell short this time around.

How Yedlin's move to Roma might work |

Lots of interesting details here for the potential DeAndre Yedlin transfer.

Philadelphia have signed another keeper | Brotherly Love

Yeah because drafting keepers in the last few years the way they have make this move all the more puzzling.

Tampa Bay looking at their MLS options |

Funny how there is no one there stepping up to plate to own a MLS club there yet people want to talk about having a MLS club there again.