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Strength of Remaining Schedule

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Taking a quick look at what's to come for FCD

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

I'm really short on time, but thought this was worth doing a quick write up on. This is ugly, but here's a short summary of the remaining schedule and Dallas' outlook for their playoff chances:


For some context, FC Dallas currently has 30 points. Should they win their remaining home games and manage a draw on the road, they'll end the season with 55 points - most ever in franchise history.

The biggest threat will be the Los Angeles Galaxy who still have four games in hand and are averaging more points per game (1.59) than Dallas (1.43) and everyone else ahead of them in the standings save for Real Salt Lake and Seattle.

I'll have to do more digging later to find a magic number for Dallas to get into the post season later, but the remaining schedule looks pretty daunting as there are no back to back home games the rest of the way. But Dallas can do themselves big favors in these three fixtures - 8/3 against Chivas, 8/16 against San Jose and 8/30 against Chicago. All are away games and all against beatable opponents. If Dallas can somehow manage to collect three points from each of those matches, they'll give themselves a nice cushion against the other Western Conference teams fighting for the 4th and 5th playoff spots.

What do you guys think? Can Dallas make the playoffs? Can they steal 9 points from those away games?