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Big D Soccer Man of the Match: Moises Hernandez

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The young Homegrown defender had a solid outing despite getting called for a handball in the box.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

A quite successful July has opened the eyes of the FCD faithful to a young homegrown product who has really impressed along the left side of the field.

That man is 22 year-old left back Moises Hernandez, and he is my Man of the Match from Sunday's 2-2 draw with Vancouver Whitecaps.

Although yes, Hernandez did commit the handball that gave Vancouver the game-tying goal, from the sideline view, Moises appeared to have his hand right even with the line, rather than in the penalty box. Referee Kevin Stott's view was from behind so he couldn't have known where Moises was in reference to the box.

All that being said, I don't blame Moises for the handball, he was just going after a ball and encountered an unfortunate error.

Moises has been a guy who I doubted at the beginning of the year, but I now I find him and Zach Loyd ideal outside backs because of their speed and technical ability on the ball.

Two games in a row now, those two have been free to roam the sidelines up and down, which have really helped the team out since The Hoops were without Diaz for the better part of the game, alongside the absences of Escobar, Castillo, and Watson.

Hernandez provided that outside spark that this team seems to really thrive on, and it's uplifting to see that it can come from someone else outside of Fabian Castillo or Andres Escobar.

Mo's passing game was exceptional Sunday afternoon, completing all but three of his passes, including two key passes, one that led to Blas Perez' rebound goal.

Defensively, against a very quick team, Moises did well to the tune of four tackles, five interceptions, and eight recoveries.

Moises is really starting to fine-tune his overall game, and he is becoming a guy that can get all over the field and be effective in all that he does.

I'm still waiting to see how he and Loyd work with Diaz over an entire 90 minutes, and I'm sure that it will go quite well, especially if this happens against Chivas USA next weekend.

Hats off to Hernandez for what has been a very nice season for the HGP, and one that I think we haven't even witnessed the best of yet.

What were your thoughts on the match? Who was your man of the match? Comment and vote below! DTID!