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View from the East: Volleyball

FC Dallas holds on for a point against a Western Conference rival, but with a different looking formation than what we're used to.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Oscar Pareja was missing some key personnel, mainly 3 of his wingers in Je-Vaughn Watson, Andres Escobar and Fabian Castillo. With the winger depth at just Ryan Hollingshead, Papi elected to go with a formation that utilized the positions we actually have depth at. Scary to me, since the 5-3-2 formation is tough to get the hang of without players that are unaccustomed to playing it. It looked to have worked, and we can definitely attribute it to the quality of our outside backs: Zach Loyd & Moises Hernandez. And yes, Raul Fernandez was wearing a hat in the first half. I'm guessing because BC Place has such a weird way of letting sunlight into the stadium and so the ref let him wear a hat.

That Lucky Handball

Ok, actually both handballs were lucky in my opinion. Carlyle Mitchell, like, what the hell was he doing?! You'll never see another easy penalty like that. I've never seen a defender do that. You guys have to admit we were a little fortunate that Mitchell completely lost his barrings and gave us a spot kick. And thank the Maker that we had Michel back to slot it home, our other players haven't been as consistent from the spot to say the least.

Now to their handball, fact is that it struck his arm and his arm was fully extended out thereby not a 'natural position', there's no denying that. It definitely helped him control the ball, who knows where that ball would've ended it up had it not struck his arm. It doesn't look like he knew anything about it though, it could be argued it was ball-to-hand since his head was turned and it was the furthest from intentional it could be.


Are you kidding me? Can you believe we had this guy on the bench for a good chunk of our season?! That's how good Seitzy was before getting injured. The second half fell hard on the shoulders of our Peruvian international after our man at the back Matt Hedges fell to injury and was subbed out at halftime. My jaw dropped at several of the saves from the FCD goalkeeper, no doubt more than one could be nominated for SOTW.

Most exciting player to watch this game was definitely Raul, which was a good thing and a bad thing depending on how you looks at things. Close second has to be the wing backs Loyd and Hernandez. Have to give those guys credit for giving their all in a new formation. 5-3-2 doesn't work if you do not have quality wingbacks, and these guys stepped up in a big way.

Those handballs, just strange stuff all around? How did y'all feel about the new formation? RAUL! Am I right?! Leave some comments below!