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Big D Daily: News for Friday, July 15, 2014

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The weekend is here and so is a trip to Vancouver for FCD.

Jamie McDonald

This week has gone by rather quickly here. Before we really dive into this weekend's game against Vancouver, we have some morning links to share.

// FC Dallas //

Castillo shows rust in Aston Villa friendly | Soccerly

Not having any games for a couple weeks would do that to about anyone. Thank goodness his suspension ends after this weekend.

Highlights from the Villa friendly |

If you didn't catch the Aston Villa friendly, here is your chance to watch some highlights...or lowlights depending on where you stand.

FCD Youth 97 boys advance to national semifinal |

The youth pipeline continues to do well. Congrats this this bunch!

Sanchez enjoys spotlight with Tigres transfer on hold |

Hey, we finally got to see him in goal for a little bit this week.

Dallas Tornados preseason tour | BBC Sport

Here is another look at the wild and crazy preseason tour that the Dallas Tornados had back in the day.

// MLS //

How the Red Bulls can respond to noisy neighbors |

We're certainly entering a new era in MLS with another NY club. It was funny, yesterday I got press releases from NYCFC and the Cosmos at the same time. Red Bulls gotta catch up I suppose but they still hold plenty of ground in my opinion in that market. Still crazy that they haven't signed a DP in two years.

Latest injury too much for DeMerit, as he hangs it up |

Hate to see this happen but Jay DeMerit had to retire yesterday.

Howard says the ship has sailed on returning to MLS |

I want to be surprised when I read this but I'm not. Tim Howard says he won't return to MLS and part of me is okay with that. Good for him to close out his career with Everton.

Lampard not ready to relax just yet |

A lot of people don't like the Frank Lampard signing for NYCFC but with it being only a two year deal, I think the club will get something good out of it.

Land swap still an issue for DCU Stadium | Black and Red United

Sigh. I really, really hope these talks with the local officials can get things worked out for D.C. United.

How Beasley ended up in Houston | Fox Sports

Still feels weird to see him in orange with Houston but DeMarcus Beasley is a good signing for the league. I keep telling myself that.

MLS friendlies with EPL sides are meaningless | USA Today

Yep, I really didn't care to dive into the Villa game before and after more than I did on this space. Most of you didn't seem to care al that much or voice that you wanted more from that game. Same goes for the other friendlies around the league. They are meaningless. Lets move on from them.