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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, July 24, 2014

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Aston Villa got the better end of things last night in the friendly.

Paul Gilham

I won't dwell too much in the summer friendly from last night against EPL side Aston Villa. We'll have a game recap up later this morning but that may be about it. First up however are some morning links.

// FC Dallas //

Post game presser from Pareja |

Hear what Oscar Pareja had to say about last night's friendly.

Despite the loss, FCD finds plenty of answers in the friendly |

It was good to see some young guys get minutes. Having Fabian Castillo stay a little sharp was good, he had a couple dangerous runs in the first half.

// MLS //

Sporting KC announces new US training facility | KC Star

This is very cool to see happening. I really hope a couple more of these big facilities pop up around the country.

Behind the scenes of Kaka's arrival | MLS Insider

Cool to see how Orlando City was able to pull off this move and everything in between.

Wondo and San Jose find their mojo |

A 5-1 beating at home over Chicago. I'll say this, as good as that SJ offense looked for a change, it was against the Fire...a team that has 11 draws on the season. Mediocre team beating up on another mediocre team.

Beasley lands in Houston |

Sigh. As much as I am excited for DeMarcus Beasley to be back in MLS, seeing him land in Houston was a bit of a let down. Plus he is a DP, no way on earth I would have wanted him here as a DP.

Odds stacked against Vegas expansion |

I still put it way behind Minnesota, San Antonio and Sacramento in the pecking order.

NYCFC expected to sign Lampard |

They're having a 'major player announcement' today. All signs point to them landing Frank Lampard for way too much money.

DeMerit expected to announce retirement | The Providence

Tough break for a USMNT vet like this but it sounds like he will be hanging it all up for good.

How to discover and love MLS | Register Herald

I won't lie, this is my home town paper back in West Virginia. The guy writing this is a childhood friend that mention me in this piece. Still, I love seeing tiny towns across American discover this game and league.