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FC Dallas vs New England Revolution: Game grades

It would be hard to argue against Saturday's game being the most complete team performance we've seen from FCD all year. Lets take a look at the individual performances. Was there a perfect score to be had?

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Starting XI

Raul Fernandez - 8

What a great time for Raul to get his first shut out of the season. Anyone who was nervous about Seitz being out, considering he had all 3 FCD shutouts this year, can now rest easy. With 3 saves and 2 punch clearances Raul put on a showing that reminded me of his great games last season.

Moises Hernandez - 7

Mo looked dangerous all game for sure but he really blossomed in the second half. One knock I've always had on Mo is that he causes silly fouls when fighting for the ball that are unnecessary. This game he looked aggressive and dangerous but in the best way possible. And when he pushed up into the box he looked as deadly as any of the FCD attackers.

Matt Hedges - 8

As always he was a wall in front of attackers. Fast, aggressive, and not a guy that any attacker wants to take one whether 1v1 or otherwise. I felt like I we saw (heard) a much more vocal Hedges than usual and I have to commend the Captain for it. If the guy doesn't make the All Star squad then I have no faith in MLS fans.

Stephen Keel - 7

Keel didn't push as far forward this game as he has in the past and I don't think that's a bad thing. I agree with all of the articles saying that FC Dallas is in need of another CB, especially with George John out, but that takes nothing away from the great job keel has done. Yes he had a few missteps at the beginning of the year but for the last couple of months he's been as good as anyone on that backline.

Zach Loyd - 10

This is the first time since I started doing the game grades for BDS that I've ever given a perfect score. Zach did everything but score a goal on Saturday. Forget this being his best performance this season, we saw what was arguably his best game ever as a professional. Oscar Pareja's quote after the game said it best:

"Tonight was Zach Loyd at his best. That's the player that I wanted last year to go to the club that I was coaching and at the beginning of this year, it took him a little while to get back to his old self. The Zach Loyd we saw today was the Zach Loyd that was called to the national team."

Victor Ulloa - 8

Thank the gods that his early week knee injury that we heard about was just a scare. You couldn't tell by his play that anything was wrong with his knee. Add his assist on Tesho's 90th minute goal to another stellar performance and I think you can make an argument for this kid to be on the All Star team.

Adam Moffat - 7

I'm typically pretty harsh on the Scotsman but this was a good performance for the MLS veteran. While his passing could have been better his work on the defensive side of the ball was as good as it's been all year.  He finally seems to be settling in with his role at FCD. While I know it's not really his job description, I'd like to see him a little more aggressive on the attacking side.

Je-Vaughn Watson - 6

If I was just grading Je-Vaughn on his passing he would get a 3-4. It was, for lack of a better word, wooooof. That said his defensive work was quite good and he looked dangerous when he got himself into positions in the box. I'm still looking for that Je-Vaughn Watson we had for the first two months of the year.

Andres Escobar - 9

Nasty, nasty, and more nasty!!! "Oh you're excited that you don't have to face Fabian Castillo tonight? You're glad Mauro's starting on the bench? That's cute. You should check out this other little Colombian we've been keeping in our back pocket." Earn that money son.

Blas Perez - 7

Yes Blas missed a header in front of a wide open net. Yes he should have buried it, but hear me out. I think Blas is beginning to understand that he's no longer the hot shot star that can take the team on his shoulders. I really think he gets that, even though he's lost some of his speed, he can make MAJOR contributions with his hold up play,  pulling defenders, and looking to distribute the ball when normally he might take it himself. He was a huge part of this win on Saturday even if his name wasn't on the score sheet.

Tesho Akindele - 8

Fabian Castillo, Andres Escobar, Blas Perez, Mauro Diaz, and now Tesho Akindele: Pick your poison. By the end of this season Tesho will be pushing Harry Shipp (who's played 5 more games and started 7 more, with only 3 more goals, than Tesho) a run at Rookie of the Year. Akindele continues to make all those who laughed at FCD for taking a Div 2 guy at the #6 pick eat crow. Keep it up young man

Oscar Pareja - 8

I said when things were going bad in May that it fell to OP to get things turned around. I'm just going to go sit down and shut up now.

Off The Bench

Mauro Diaz - 8

The guy makes professional defenders in this league look like fools. I can't wait until he's 90 minutes fit again.

Michel & Andrew Jacobson

Both came on as very late subs to help shore up three points. They did their job well.