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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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FC Dallas returns to action tomorrow night in a friendly against Aston Villa.

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It is another tight turnaround week for FC Dallas as they have two games to deal with here. Tomorrow is a match against Aston Villa. But first we dive into some morning links.

// FC Dallas //

Four bits from the win over New England | Soccerly

We've had our talking points about the game (and will continue to do so today), but here are some more good points made about Saturday night's win.

Clavijo doesn't see FCD being active in the summer transfer window | Soccerly

Getting Richard Sanchez back for the rest of the year from Tigres really does mean the only need is a center back for FCD. If some how, some way, George John is able to finally play, then that need is filled. So in a small sense, I get why Fernando Clavijo would say FCD won't be active. But at the same time I still see them going out and getting a center back on loan or something late in the year.

20 years of renew your season tickets |

Nice little video from this site as FCD makes their push towards their 20th year. Hard to believe MLS can almost legally drink. Good bye pesky teenage years, hello 20s. Definitely a dawn of a new era coming around the corner.

Notes on open practice with FCD and Aston Villa |

Today will actually be a fairly busy day for both sides, learn this schedule if you want to see Villa train or anything of that nature.

// MLS //

Vegas baby, Vegas |

I feel like this pops up once a year, maybe twice a year. Someone in Las Vegas wants to build a soccer stadium and get an expansion team. But hearing the phrase preliminary discussions with MLS does tell me this one is further along than the ones before it.

Ridgewell gives Timbers the boost they've been needing |

I still don't think this defensive DP will be enough to boost the Timbers into the playoffs this season but anything is still possible.

Xavi to MLS a done deal | Barca Blaugranes

It won't be cheap to get him but NYCFC has the money to do it. Alright.

Crew owner sends letter to fans | Massive Report

Columbus looked great out of the gate but has two wins in their last 16 or 17 games (I've lost count). Rebuilding teams don't happen over night in this league even with the parity.

Orlando City bans 15 fans for part of next year |

A tricky situation to get themselves into before they get into MLS. But in these sorts of things it is always a few bad apples that make it seem way worse than it really is.

Minnesota United making several strides |

While Vegas got all the love yesterday, I still see Minnesota (with the NASL's group) leading the charge for the #24 spot in MLS.

College soccer looks to change their calendar | Soccer Observer

In theory, this move sounds great. But there are a lot of wrinkles to still be worked out. I do think expanding their season is the right way to go though. Right now they do 20ish game, crammed into three months. For some schools (like my alma mater WVU), there is a lot of travel involved. I still believe though if they want to take things serious they need to remove the clock that they use (currently it counts down and stops at zero), and look at that substitution rule.