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View from the East Stand: Andres Escobar

With absolutely gorgeous weather, STH referral night brought in a very nice sized crowd to watch our tango with the New England Revs.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

A nice game played out in Toyota stadium with incredible weather and a nice crowd out. The friends I had invited to the game with the tickets remarked on how they were surprised at the number of people actually at the game. Take that as you will. FC Dallas did not disappoint against a very desperate New England Revolution and got the 3 points along with a clean sheet to go with it.

Passing Play & Movement

It seems like this past week was 'focus on passing' week for FC Dallas as they played a crisp, flowing passing game that had the crowd cheering and kept the attention on the pitch. The ball movement was precise and we seem to have kept the same strategy as the last home game where we occasionally send a through ball to Tesho Akindele for him to chase down and begin the attack. He was bossing the right side of the field in the first half along with Zach Loyd who kept bombing down the flank in support. So many attacks were forthcoming from FCD, it looked as if the Revolution would attempt to get something going, only to lose the ball and FC Dallas counter with purpose almost every time. The combination of our full backs and our midfielders was just there this game, we attacked in numbers and kept possession very well when we had it.

Finishing Was Lacking

As perfect as their passing seemed to be this night, the finishing was definitely not something the crowd was pleased about. After about the 6th skied ball the east stand grew impatient with the seemingly consistent wasting of good scoring opportunities. There were so many cutbacks, tee-ups, and dribbles into the box that really should've had better quality finishing to them. But the fact that we were carving up so many chances was a positive sign and one that was exciting the crowd but making them nervous because without the insurance goal it's usually a nail biter.

My favorite player to watch this game was easily Andres Escobar. The speedy Colombian winger made me forget that we were missing another speedy Colombian winger. Took on defenders constantly, and although he skied a couple, he had one that was destined for the back of the net since it left his foot. Towards the end of the 2nd half though he seemed to trail off which makes me think maybe this guy is a 70-minute type player and not necessarily a 90-minute guy just yet.

Was Escobar the most entertaining guy on the pitch or what? Any complaints about the finishing from your section? Let me know in the comments!