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Big D Daily: News for Monday, July 21, 2014

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FC Dallas continued their winning ways on Saturday night.

Gary Rohman-USA TODAY Sports

This should be a fun week for us all with an international friendly in the midweek followed by an important league game this weekend. But first we dive into the first morning links of the week.

// FC Dallas //

Loyd's best in a while |

It certainly was Zach Loyd's best game in a while. Love the comments from Oscar Pareja about how that he was the player on Saturday night that once earned a USMNT call up. He has a ways to go to get back on that radar but boy a few more like that and I'm sure people will be talking.

The bar has been raised for FCD in latest winning streak |

I'll go into some thought later this morning on the game against New England but I'll say this up front, it was a total team effort.

FCD adds to New England's struggles | Soccerly

Seven game bender for the Revs, glad our guys to add to that.

// MLS //

MLS 3.0 and other items from Week 19 |

Some good notes about FCD in this one, asking the same questions that we all are here about where to put Mauro Diaz in the lineup these days with the way this 4-4-2 is working.

An important lesson for the LA Galaxy |

Lots of talk about shape and sizes of their midfield. Either way, their loss on Saturday against SKC was rather big for FCD and the rest of the Western Conference.

Porter reveals the rest of the All-Stars |

No FCD guys on the list but there is still a good chance one will be on the inactive list that will come out shortly before the game next month.

Besler and Zusi sign DP deals |

I really do believe this is huge for the league that not only SKC was able to keep two big American players like Graham Zusi and Matt Besler but that they opted to stick around in MLS.

A look inside creating tifo with Chicago's Section 8 | Hot Time In Old Town

I love a good tifo and I've always been a fan of what the Chicago supporters have done in the past.

18-year old Xander Bailey suits up for Seattle |

Love stories like this. Seattle pulled out all the stops for this kid to get his dream of playing for his favorite club. Really loved seeing the fans in Seattle support this kid as well with some banners. But getting to kick the ball around with Clint Dempsey, that has to be the dream right there.

Yedlin's race is between Inter and Napoli | No Short Corners

Roma is out of the questions (for now), I think out of those two left I would prefer Napoli.