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Rankings Recap: Things are looking up

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FC Dallas slowly regaining form after draw in Columbus.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas tied Columbus on the road last week. Now they look to continue to regain form as they face Philadelphia July 4.

Are these rankings right about FCD? Where do you think the Hoops belong? Which team surprised you?

Rank: 13 (Last week: 13)

Comment: A scoreless draw on the road is not a bad thing, but this is still a team that has one win in their last 11. It's amazing they're not lower.


Rank: 18 (Last week: 17)

Comment: Miraculously, FC Dallas still sits in a playoff position in the Western Conference despite just one win in its past 11 matches. Sunday's rescheduled match against the Crew in Columbus did nothing to ease fears that the slide down the table will be a precipitous one.

The Oregonian

Rank: 9 (Last week: 11)

Comment: Away game at Columbus was postponed after fan was struck by lighting before the game. Play resumed the following day and ended in a scoreless draw.

Soccer America

Rank: 10 (Last week: 11)

Comment: Michel had a shot cleared off the goal line and Tesho Akindele nailed a shot off the post Sunday in a 0-0 tie at Columbus. The game was postponed a day after firefighter Stu Tudor was struck by lightning. As of Monday, he was in critical condition.