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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Well the World Cup run for the US is done. Sad.

Laurence Griffiths

It was fun while we knew it. The United States crashed out of the World Cup yesterday in a heartbreaker of a game against Belgium.

// FC Dallas //

Selling Sanchez was an emotion move for Pareja | Soccerly

Gotta think any big move involving this current group of Homegrown players will be an emotional deal for Pareja. Sanchez was the first big fish for FCD to sell though, only one other team in MLS has sold a Homegrown player before (DCU w/ Najar).

July scarf of the month revealed |

Eh, while I am all for the patriotic look of this one, I don't think I'll be spending any money on it. Call me when they have that throwback one to the Burn.

// MLS //

Alvarez traded to Colorado | The Goat Parade

Wild trade. Colorado certainly got the better end of this deal. Though it very well might be more of an addition by subtraction thing for Chivas.

Houston lands a new kit sponsor | Dynamo Theroy

Good for them.

Are the Sounders running away with things here? |

It sure seems like they are. That and other takeaways from this past weekend in MLS.

// World Cup //

Here is how to feed your new US Soccer addition |

This may be more for the MLS category but it works here as well. Most of you can read this and then pass it on to your non-MLS loving friends that jumped on the bandwagon here recently.

Be proud and optimistic about the US's future |

Seriously, we have plenty to hang our hats on here.

Are the US better than they were four years ago? |

Absolutely. And given the fact that Julian Green actually looked the part towards the end makes me really want to see where this thing is going for 2018.

Wondo gutted by missing his chance |

The biggest what if of the game right there before the final whistle in regulation.

Players from around the world react to the game |

No one can deny how damn good Tim Howard was yesterday.

The fight was there in the end for the US |

Another good look at this game and what it holds for the future of this team.