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Big D Daily: News for Friday, July 18, 2014

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The Hoops return to action tomorrow night.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Where has this week gone folks? Friday is here and we must get through some morning links before we begin to really prep for tomorrow's game against New England.

// FC Dallas //

Players and coaches discuss rare trips home |

Having last weekend off gave some players and coaches time to travel home. I noticed Nick Walker posting photos from his native Trinidad. Good to see the club allowing some young players time to get home when there was a break.

Hedges mum on All-Star chances | Soccerly

Per the MLS CBA, 32 players in total will get the All-Star title to their name this year (just like every year really). Even if Matt Hedges doesn't make it to Portland for the actually game, he most certainly deserves the honor to finish out the 32 players. Part of me wants him in Portland, the other part of me wants him to stay home to keep him fresh in a busy August.

John meeting with specialist in Cincinnati | Soccerly

Still no concrete news to say whether or not George John will be playing this year or not. I just hope we get something resolved soon enough so we know if he will be on the IR to help open up a roster slot or not.

The Ticket broadcast from Toyota Stadium |

The good fight is finally working as the Ticket will broadcast from the River Club today. Come join them so they talk less about Tony Romo and more about Mauro Diaz.

// MLS //

Gonzalez eyeing return for Galaxy |

The Dallas-native has been busy with visits to Conan lately, so hopefully he can see the field soon.

Sounders balancing Yedlin at the moment |

Tough to deal with a young player like DeAndre Yedlin, who is getting so many offers from overseas. Does he stay or does he go. I hope he stays for his development purposes.

Besler prefers to stay with SKC | KC Star

It appears that Matt Besler is going to get a big, fat contract out of his World Cup KC. Good to hear that this is happening. I was worried he would waste away on some English team's bench.

Three reasons why you should become a Chivas USA fan | The Goat Parade

I love a good underdog but I don't think these reasons are enough for me to add them to my team list. Still, good for this group to get the word out about their club as they transition into whatever they become this offseason.

Mastroeni strength helped him without him knowing it | Burgundy Wave

I thought the Rapids would be a disaster coming into this season after they lost Oscar Pareja but you have to tip your hat to Pablo Mastroeni for what he has been able to do with that young bunch.

MLS making progress towards going big time | Seattle Times

I don't think Seattle is the perfect town to describe how MLS is on the upswing but overall, yes, it is certainly getting there.