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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, July 17, 2014

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On a rainy (and cool) Thursday, we begin to really gear up for this weekend's match.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Last night was a pretty full night in MLS with four games, including our weekend opponent's match. We'll dive into that here shortly in our morning links.

// FC Dallas //

Mauro Diaz working to get back to full fitness | Soccerly

I'd still expect him to come off the bench on Saturday, which right now makes sense given how well the teams is playing in the 4-4-SuperRaton/Tesho formation.

Diaz proud of Argentina |

As one would expect, the little genius was happy with his home country's performance in the World Cup.

FCD Academy teams in the USSDA Playoffs |

A good look at how close FCD is to another youth academy title. One game at a time boys. One game.

// MLS //

Fan XI revealed for All Star game |

This very much looks like our national team with a couple big names like Thierry Henry mixed in. Even though there aren't a single FCD player involved, I'm pretty down with this side that will take on a very German national team looking Bayern Munich.

New England searching for answers after latest loss |

Six straight losses for the Revs as the travel east to visit us this weekend. They will be without one of their key defenders as well as AJ Soares was red carded in the 5-1 loss last night in LA. I worry a little about New England coming in but that team is battered and broken at the moment, FCD has to put them away early on Saturday.

Revs spanked badly in loss | The Bent Musket

Here is a take on the loss from the New England side of things for those interesting.

SKC score late goal to win in Columbus |

Four straight road wins for SKC right now. Crazy, I was listening to this game in the car on satellite radio (Sirius XM FC had the game on), turned it off with one minute left in extra time with the game tied and what do you know, Benny Feilhaber scores a ridiculous goal in the final seconds.

MLS parody of Ferris Bueller is pretty darn good |

I may have watch this four or five times yesterday. The outtakes are worth watching as well. See if you can find Clint Mathis in this video too, it may surprise you. Also, good luck not having the 'bom bom chicka chicka' in your head all day.

Xavi mulling MLS offers |

Both New York sides and Seattle in the mix. The Sounders would need to free up a DP slot but I still bet he lands in the Big Apple with NYCFC.

Besler confirms offers | The KC Star

He's got offers from Sunderland, Fulham and a slew of others. So far, none are greater than the other. Stay in MLS Matt, I think at this point it is worth sticking around.

College football looking at MLS for their attendance woes |

Very interesting to hear this but in a way it isn't surprising either that the big wigs of college football are worried about their attendance numbers. The fact that they are studying MLS teams instead of other professional sports, including the NFL, is pretty cool.