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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, July 15, 2014

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A few leftovers from the World Cup to talk about on a Tuesday morning.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

We're slowly gearing up to the next FC Dallas match this weekend but first we have some links to discuss.

// FC Dallas //

A rundown of the next 30 days |

A good look at what is ahead in the next month for FCD. Lots of big, big games.

Getting personal with Michel |

Some good bits of info on our Brazilian on the squad.

// MLS //

We do soccer pretty well here in America |

Yeah, Sunday night with a packed house in Seattle. We do things right in this country indeed.

Road to 39 | Once a Metro

Interesting look at Thierry Henry's latest landmark stat for the Red Bulls.

Columbus turning to USL star in wake of Arrieta being out |

Some would say this is a move Columbus should have tried weeks ago.

Virginia NASL team won't play until 2016 now | Soccer Wire

Not MLS news but worth discussing, a NASL side that continues to struggle to get things off the ground and play. I still have little hopes for what the NASL is really trying to do.

// World Cup //

US tunes in big ways to World Cup final |

We discussed the numbers locally yesterday but they were massive on a national scale.

What Canada can do to get back to the World Cup |

I missed this one yesterday but it is worth repeating here. Canada hasn't been to the biggest stage in a long time, so why haven't they been to the big dance? Time to explore that.

The World Cup's most surprising players |

Plenty of good names on this list. Damn I miss the World Cup already.

20 reasons we loved the World Cup |

Yes, yes to all of them.

Despite offers, Klinsmann is sticking around | Pro Soccer Talk

He got offers, good ones, but he isn't going anywhere.