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Dallas-Fort Worth Market Tunes In Big Numbers For World Cup Final

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DFW turned out a higher number for the World Cup final.

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During the 2014 World Cup, the Dallas-Forth Worth TV market didn't have nearly the same TV numbers that areas like New York, Washington D.C., or even cities like Miami or Atlanta enjoyed during the four United States games. But Sunday's final between Germany and Argentina saw a big spike for local viewers.

Nationally the 1-0 win for Germany aired a 9.7 overnight rating on ABC. Here locally, Sunday afternoon's championship game scored a combined 13.2 locally on ABC (7.5) and Spanish-language Univision (5.7), according to early ratings returns.

Update @ 3:25 PM: National numbers are in, ABC had 17.3 million viewers while Univison had another 9.2 to make a combined total of 26.5 million total viewers. Impressive.

For those curious, that means about one in eight people in the DFW area tuned into the game at home to watch the game.

The last US game against Belgium hit a 9.8 rating on ESPN with around 16 million people tuning in. New York was the top local market with a 15.0 share for that game.

Once national numbers are released later today I'll add them here but by all indications, the DFW market did very well for the final.