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Big D Daily: News for Monday, July 14, 2014

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Germany cleans up in overtime as they win their fourth World Cup trophy.

Laurence Griffiths

I don't know about you but I'm a bit sad that the World Cup is over. But at least we're getting back into the MLS season as FC Dallas will be back in action this weekend.

// FC Dallas //

Weekend break just what Pareja and FCD needed | Soccerly

FCD was the lone team that was off this weekend in MLS. Some solid results in the standings for FCD's sake but there are some teams charging up the standings.

One on one with Dan Hunt |

The FCD leader shares his Brazil experience and more.

Richard Sanchez returning on loan to Chivas USA? | The Goat Parade

Seriously? I find this one a little hard to believe but it appears to be a pretty solid rumor.

// MLS //

Martins and Dempsey prove why their duo works |

Three more points for the Sounders on Sunday night. Still, big kudos to MLS for scheduling a Cascadia Cup match right after the World Cup final. Smart play there.

Identifying the most important man in Seattle |

More analyst material here but I'll say this about Portland, there is no way they make the playoffs this year with that remaining schedule. I don't care how Liam Ridgewell will do for them, it just isn't happening this year. Unless FCD, Colorado and Vancouver all collapse together.

Galaxy rekindle the blueprint to beat RSL |

LA is the one team in the West that I worry about for FCD. Lots of games in hand and they are starting to click.

Chivas extends winning streak |

Have you all realized that Chivas USA has a four-game unbeaten run? Yeah, I'm not sure how that has happened.

What LeBron leaving Miami means for MLS |

Well, it certainly doesn't help if you are curious.

Robinho linked to a MLS move |

Go a head and add him to Orlando, that seems to be where he is going next.

// World Cup //

Russia is ready to spend $20 billion on the World Cup |

This should be fun...and by fun I say that with the most sarcasm as possible.

Germany goes back to their roots with the win |

Such a solid win for the German side, I don't know about you but yesterday's final was a fitting way to end this tournament.

How Germany earned the title |

Beautiful game indeed. The tournament's best team won the Cup, just like they should.