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Transfer Watch: What FC Dallas Needs This Summer

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The summer window is set to open soon for Major League Soccer clubs, so what should FC Dallas do?

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The summer transfer window for Major League Soccer clubs is set to open up soon. Nearly everyone is talking about what each club should be doing and so it is time for us to throw our two cents out there for FC Dallas.

Right now FC Dallas has one open roster slot available but could easily make a move or two to open a second or third spot should they need to. I've been mentioning before on here that it could be very likely that the club will place George John on the injured reserve at some point this summer, which would open a roster spot for them to work with.

So what does FC Dallas need to go out into the open market and get? Not a lot thankfully but we do have a couple suggestions.

Backup to Diaz

Going into the season we talked about the needs or holes in the roster. Back in March it was clear the biggest gap was sitting behind Mauro Diaz. Fast forward to right now and that is still a gap. The day Diaz went down with a knee injury in D.C. was a tough one for the club as it immediately showed where the biggest weakness in the attack.

Danny Garcia was a good option to have as a backup but the young Homegrown never fully grew into the position and as it turned out he was banged up after a couple games himself.

Even with Diaz back and available, I still see this as a position of need in terms of depth.

Center back

This is probably the one position I see Fernando Clavijo and Oscar Pareja going out and working on this summer. As good as Stephen Keel, Matt Hedges, Walker Zimmerman and to a lesser extent Zach Loyd and Moises Hernandez have been this year, none have truly been able to match what John brings to the table in the center of the defense.

If John is indeed going to be shut down for the rest of the season, the club needs a replacement. Keel is great but teams do know how to play against him. Zimmerman is always banged up as we've seen for the last year and a half. Loyd and Hernandez are really only good in spots at center back. And we truly don't know what we'll get out of rookie Nick Walker.

The tough thing is, as much as I would like to trade with someone in MLS for a center back, that is a need that a lot of teams have at the moment. And I mean a lot. Most teams are desperate for a good CB these days and the ones that have good CBs are either too costly or are banged up themselves.

The one saving grace though could still be the small chance that John does get over whatever voodoo hex is on his knee and plays this season like we've seen him in the past. Getting a healthy John back in the lineup would be as good, if not, better than adding in a new player all together.

Backup keeper

This is a spot that none of us expected to be discussing but here it is, thanks to injuries, we are. After the sale of Richard Sanchez, we though that the trio of Raul Fernandez, Chris Seitz and Jesse Gonzalez would be enough for the rest of the year. But now it looks as though we may be without Seitz for a decent stretch as he is going to be sidelined with a quad injury.

That means we're left with Fernandez and an extremely inexperienced Homegrown keeper in Gonzalez.

While Pareja has been great about getting the young and inexperienced games in the past, doing so at the keeper spot is a dangerous and tricky thing to do. At least for now Gonzalez is getting some valuable game day experience that he can use going forward and he will likely get a lot of minutes coming up in the Reserve league.

Still, the team needs a third option if Seitz is going to be out for a long period of time. The club can go the cheap route and get a backup for just the Reserve league matches. In other words, just use an academy keeper for those situations. Or they can spend a little money and get a third keeper.

This one really comes down to how long Seitz is going to be out.

Promote from within

Here is another cheap-ish option that the club can consider this summer. What I mean by this is simple, sign another Homegrown player. The club has plenty of options here with guys like Boyd Okuwonu, Mikey Ambrose, Coy Craft, Shaquell Moore, Alejandro Zendejas and Weston McKinnie to just name a few.

This is another fairly cheap and smart route to take should one of these players be worth adding right now.