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Big D Daily: News for Friday, July 11, 2014

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No FCD game this weekend but there is a World Cup final to get excited about.

Matthias Kern

We may not have a FC Dallas game to watch this weekend but at least the World Cup final will be on to entertain us. Until then we have some links to discuss.

// FC Dallas //

FCD has two summer transfer needs | Soccerly

Yeah, I may go into this more today on our end but here is a good start to that. It is pretty obvious what this club needs at the moment.

FCD Watch Party for WC Final |

They'll be back at the Alamo DraftHouse in Richardson this weekend for the final. This is a very cool venue to watch a game, so I highly recommend going!

Moore called up to U-20 national team |

Good to hear that FCD has at least one player on the upcoming U-20 national team camp. Congrats to defender Shaquell Moore for the call up.

Two FCD players called into U-17 camp |

And FCD got two more in the U-17 camp that is coming up. Hopefully you all are beginning to recognize these two names, Alejandro Zendejas and Weston McKinnie. Both have been getting plenty of youth national team experience.

// MLS //

Transfer Watch for all 19 clubs |

I did one of these recently for my own blog but this one is definitely laid out nicer. FCD's two needs are a little different from the article mentioned above but they're not off base at all.

MLS here |

Cool little video to hype up the players returning from Brazil in MLS.

Scouting report, is TFC better without Bradley? |

Tricky question to ask but TFC will be fine once Michael Bradley gets accustom to things in MLS again. That team just needs time to gel.

TFC adopting Barcelona motto |

More TFC talk, they want to be a big club, they're trying to be a big club. Gotta win some quality trophies first. And yes, those Canadian Cups don't count at the moment.

Galaxy end loan for striker Samuel | LAG Confidential

Yeah, he was rather worthless for them anyways.

// World Cup //

Diskerud scores in first game back with Rosenborg |

Yeah, we elected not to use this guy at all in the World Cup. What were we thinking?

Letterman asks Dempsey stupid soccer questions |

I guess it was cool that Clint Dempsey was on a late show but gosh those were some bad questions.

The World Cup needed Zlatan |

The Swede in me absolutely agrees with this. 100%.