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Key Moments vs Columbus: were there any?

Well, this game was pretty boring, but a couple chances from Tesho Akindele highlighted the match for Dallas fans.

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Pre-Match Notes:

With Fabian Castillo, Blas Perez, and Moises Hernandez all out due to suspension, Oscar Pareja has to look for a way to put a competitive lineup out. At least we have Michel and Matt Hedges returning from injury.


The first chance of the game came when Jimenez broke down the right side and fired a shot that fell easily for Chris Seitz.

13th minute and Steve Clark comes out to grab the ball but mistimes his run leaving the ball sitting for Tesho Akindele. Tesho strikes the ball with Clark out of site but somehow hits Michael Parkhurst who is standing on the goal line to deny FCD the early lead.


Anor hit a strong volley and it nearly bent into the bottom corner but fell slightly wide. It really was a chance created out of nothing and credit to Anor for attempting something special only 25 minutes into the match.


Well a lot of nothing happened here so we'll just skip this part of the match. Seriously, this game has been dreadful.

Quick Halftime Recap:

This game really has been all sorts of boring. Neither team really looks inspired to push on and get 3 points; they both seem content with a 0-0 draw. When Dallas gets on the attack it takes Watson an extra 10 seconds to get up the field compared to normal, and I just wonder how much the USOC game and the weird gametime had an effect on this match. Hopefully the second half is better.


Escobar brought life to the match in the 51st minute when he took the ball off of Jimenez then dribbled 60 yards before teeing up a sitter for Tesho Akindele who somehow scuffed the ball and sent it off the post. Incredible! How does he miss that one with an open net!! It really should be 2-0 with Akindele having a brace, but his finishing has been beyond poor.

FCD had another great chance just before the hour mark as Watson plays a perfect cross on the ground for guess who? Tesho Akindele who is one on one with Steve Clark, but somehow skies it over the net without putting too much pressure on Columbus. Incredible that he has missed 3 great chances.


Adam Moffat was replaced by Peter Luccin in the 67th minute. Moffat had a solid game and helped contain the few attacks Columbus had, but I think Luccin brings a bit more in the attack so I like this sub.

Andrew Jacobson comes on for Michel in the 74th minute. A solid shift from Michel, but after being out for a while it doesn't seem like he is 90 minutes fit.

Yep this match has been so disinteresting that the best thing I can mention is the subs we made, and nothing else. Zzzzz


81st minute and Tesho Akindele exits for David Texeira. Akindele could have been player of the week if he finished his chances, but unfortunately he was pretty miserable in front of goal.

In the 83rd minute Andres Escobar whipped in a cross that found David Texeira who headed it low and to the corner, but Steve Clark had a read on it from the beginning to make the nice save and keep the match level.

Columbus' best chance came in the 84th minute when Arrieta collided with Jair Benitez and Stephen Keel, but the ball somehow fell to his feet with an open goal afterwards, but after winding up (he really did wind up before he shot the ball) Seitz was back to his feet and Arrieta hit it wide. Incredible how all of these good chances have been wasted throughout the match.

And that's about it from Columbus as the match ends 0-0 and has not been the game we all hoped for.

Quick Game Recap:

This. Game. SUCKED. I understand a team playing anti-football and defending if they're playing a much better team, but COME ON!! They both came in with the same attitude of anti-football and neither wanted to grab 3 points. If only Tesho could have finished ONE of those chances...

My thoughts on the match:

Tesho Akindele... For real man? Just one... please... just one. In all seriousness, he will be a great striker in the future. He just needs experience on the field and in good time he will be our top striker.

The defense was solid today except for a couple plays, but with Columbus only attacking a couple times, who really knows how good they were?

Moffat and Ulloa have grown to complement each other's abilities in the middle, although it would be nice to see one of them get into the attack a bit more. At least we have stability in the middle.

Seitz earned his second clean sheet of the MLS season, and with Raul Fernandez still with 0, hard to take the spot away from Seitz. I think we should have sold Fernandez at the end of last season and profited... Stupid move to sell Sanchez in my opinion.

We really missed Castillo and Perez in the attack. We lacked the counter attacking speed we had without Castillo out there, and we missed Perez's natural finishing ability.

Questions this match created:

1)      Is counterattacking through Castillo this team's only way of scoring? (well, and set pieces)

2)      Escobar seems like the real deal as a #10, but can he coexist with Mauro Diaz?

3)      How long will it be before Tesho gets the finishing touch he needs? (hopefully soon)