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FC Dallas vs Columbus Crew: Game Grades

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Lets take a look at the individual performances from this year's Pioneer Cup.

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Starting XI

Chris Seitz - 7

While not too many difficult tests in this match he did make a few nice saves in the first half and managed to keep his second clean sheet of the MLS season and only the 3rd for FC Dallas across all competitions. Who was the man in net for the other shutout? Yup, Seitz.

Zach Loyd - 6

A hard working and solid performance from Loyd on Sunday. Zach helped shut down a tepid Columbus attack and deserves a lot of credit for assisting in the clean sheet.

Stephen Keel - 6

Helped anchor a nice performance by the FC Dallas defense. Pushed up a little too far at times for me but considering how much of an attack the Crew didn't have (not that Dallas did) it may have been worth it to try and create some chances. You have to love the motor that Keel has that never seems to run out of gas.

Matt Hedges - 7

Is it nice to have Hedges back or what? The presence he brings to the back line, and the field in general, is invaluable to this team. While he's not as vocal at times as I would like, you can certainly see why he's the sometimes captain of this squad.

Jair Benitez - 4

It's becoming clearer why Pareja has been depending more and more on Moises Hernandez in defense. Jair has been the longest tenured player on this squad but it's becoming more apparent that age is really impacting his game. I've loved him in a super sub role and you have to think that once Acosta is back and healthy we won't see Jair much at all in the starting lineup.

Victor Ulloa - 8

How did Ulloa do this game?  Oh you know, awesome. As usual. I know I sound like a fan-boy with this kid but he deserves all the credit I can heap on him. He makes Oscar Pareja look like a genius every single game. *Awkwardly looks at Schellas*

Adam Moffat - 5

Moffat was good but when Hendry gets healthy I think we'll see less and less of Moffat as the season goes on. I did think that it was pretty shitty of the Crew fans to chant "Columbus reject" at the dude. I guess they don't like the MLS Cup he helped them win.

Je-Vaughn Watson - 5

What happened to the incredibly confident and dangerous winger we saw at the start of this year? I miss that guy....

Michel - 6

Nice to have the Brazilian back from his leg injury. Certainly adds a different dimension on this team, especially with his set pieces. Clearly wasn't 90 minutes healthy but will be there when this team gets into the meat of the second half of the season.

Andres Escobar - 5

I think we learned two things from Escobar on Sunday: 1. He's not a striker. 2. He was missing the partnership with Castillo bad. I think Castillo's speed is a nice compliment to what Escobar brings and allows Andres to get free into space, which he didn't do much of in this game.

Tesho Akindele - 7

Yes he missed a ball set on a tee but allow me to be a bit of an apologist here. The 22 year old rookie has had a great start to his career here at FCD. He absolutely should have buried that sitter into the back of the net but again, he's only a rookie. add that with the fact that he played 120+ minutes on Tuesday that included a game winning goal and I'm willing to give him a pass on this one. If this becomes a habit then we'll need to reevaluate.

Oscar Pareja - 5

Yes he didn't have a lot of his stars but this was as uninspired of a performance as it gets. Thankfully for Papi, and FC Dallas, Columbus also decided not to show up. Maybe the change of date in the game threw all the players off, I don't know. Here's hoping to a much better performance against a Philly team that is in dire need of points.

Off The Bench

Peter Luccin - 6

A nice performance from the French veteran. I love him in this sub role.  When he takes the field it just seems to calm everyone down and improve their play.

Andrew Jacobson - 5

I'm having a hard time seeing where AJ fits into this roster. His last few appearances, while brief, have been flat and unhelpful for the most part.

David Texeira - 6

A TEX SIGHTING!! If not for a nice piece of goalkeeping from Steve Clark, Tex could have snatched 3 points for FCD late. Nice to see something positive out of the youngster. FCD really need him to come along in his development with the team.