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Key Moments: Dallas back to winning ways

FC Dallas notch multiple goals since their last win in April and find themselves back in the win column.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Tired legs showed in the defense for both sides as 5 goals were split in this match that had a starting temperature of 99 degrees.


Both teams felt each other out during the first fifteen minutes not trying to waste all of their energy early in a match that would surely feel much longer than 90 minutes long to the players.


Deshorn Brown earns a breakaway off a quick counterattack but takes a bad angle towards goal and couldn't get a shot on frame and lets Fernandez off easy.

Deshorn Brown was active again in the 25th minute when he makes something out of nothing and catches Fernandez in no man's land. He uses the outside of his foot to flick it over Fernandez's head and into the back of the net without looking at the goal. Brilliant.


Jair Benitez hits a pretty poor free kick in the 33rd minute, but a more than fortunate bounce off of a ducking Andres Escobar pushes the ball past Colorado RapidsClint Irwin to level the match 1-1.

40th minute and Akindele creates a wonderful chance with a world class turn inside the box, but Irwin is able to get a hand on his shot and force it over the bar for a corner.

Zach Loyd hits a beautiful strike with his left foot for the second goal of the night for FCD, his second career goal, and his second from the same position with his left foot to score.

Quick Halftime Recap

FC Dallas enter the break with 2 goals. It's the first time they've scored twice in a match since April 19 when they put two past Toronto in Frisco. We must keep control of the match and not sit back and defend if they want to earn the 3 points.


Raul Fernandez makes an error to give Colorado a second corner and he is punished for it when Jose Mari takes a rebound and has a Drogba-like header forcing the ball into the back of the net in the 53rd minute.

Just a minute later Akindele nearly put FCD up for the second time when he and Castillo make a fabulous run down the ride side of the pitch but Akindele fails to tap it in and skies it over.

Blas Perez finds himself on the end of a Jair Benitez cross but rockets it off the crossbar and Colorado is fortunate enough to keep the game level 56 minutes in.


After 4 seasons of amazing runs with poor decisions in the attacking third, Fabian Castillo completes a run with a brilliant goal. He takes on 4 defenders leaving them in the dust and then knocks a left footed shot just fast Irwin's outstretched hand pushing Dallas ahead 3-2.


FC Dallas dropped back a bit, but mainly spread the field and looked to keep possession and keep Colorado from having any chances. I choose to write this instead of a couple highlights because this is key to the win in this match. FC Dallas typically drop 11 guys behind the ball with a lead and then we blow it with defensive mistakes. Instead we looked to possess and keep the ball in the opponents half and who would have thought this... we got the win!!

Quick Match Recap

Finally. It's about time we get 3 points after getting 2 points in 8 matches. Great group effort all around and although we were a bit fortunate to get two of the goals, I'll take the points for sure.

My Thoughts on the Match:

How about Loyd; he is back to his strong form that forced Heath Pearce out for Dallas. Good luck to Kellyn Acosta who will have to do something special to get any playing time when he gets healthy.

Each game Akindele impresses me more and more with his work ethic. He is still young so he should improve quite a bit and as long as his finishing ability improves he should have a great career.

With all the promise Zimmerman has shown, he looks too injury prone. We all know we don't need another Center Back that loves the training room.

FC Dallas had 3 shots on goal and 3 goals. I love the conversion rate, but we must get more than 3 shots on goal if we want to win games. I'm complaining about shots after we score 3 goals? Crazy, but it must be said.

Luccin made a couple stupid tackles, but overall his performance was alright. Enough to use him off the bench assuming AJ is good to start soon.

Great game from Fabian; dangerous the whole time and finally finished one of those runs he's famous for.

Neither Fernandez or Seitz have looked great recently; I have no idea who will start in the next match.

Perez was not fantastic, but he took defenders off of Tesho on many occasions and that helped FCD exploit Colorado's defense on several occasions.

Questions this Match Created -

1)      Are the Boys back??

2)      Is Tesho Akindele our best striker?

3)      What did you think of Andres Escobar's first match?