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FC Dallas vs Colorado Rapids: Highlights, Stats and Quotes

All the facts and stats from the first win in two months.

Having a win to talk about for the first time in two months is a good thing. We'll have plenty more to discuss in the coming days but first here is a look at the stats and what was said after the win last night.


Scoring Summary:
COL - Deshorn Brown (Drew Moor, Jose Mira) 25
DAL - Andres Escobar (Jair Benitez) 33
DAL - Zach Loyd 45+2
COL - Jose Mira (Dillon Powers) 52
DAL - Fabian Castillo 62

FC Dallas - Raul Fernandez, Jair Benitez, Walker Zimmerman (Stephen Keel 44), Matt Hedges (Je-Vaughn Watson 45), Zach Loyd, Fabian Castillo, Victor Ulloa, Peter Luccin (Andrew Jacobson 57), Andres Escobar, Tesho Akindele, Blas Perez.

Substitutes Not Used: Chris Seitz, Moises Hernandez, Ryan Hollingshead, David Texeira.

Total Shots: 12 (Jair Benitez 3, Tesho Akindele, Blas Perez, Andres Escobar 2); Shots on Goal: 3 (Zach Loyd, Fabian Castillo, Andres Escobar 1); Fouls: 13 (Peter Luccin 5, Blas Perez 3, Tesho Akindele 2); Offsides: 2 (Fabian Castillo, Blas Perez 1); Corners: 2 (Andres Escobar 2); Saves: 2 (Raul Fernandez 2).

Colorado Rapids - Clint Irwin, Shane O'Neill, Chris Klute, Drew Moor, Marvell Wynne, Kamani Hill (Marlon Hairston 55), Nick LaBrocca (Charles Eloundou 83), Jose Mari (Gabriel Torres 88), Dillon Serna, Deshorn Brown, Dillon Powers.

Substitutes Not Used: Jared Watts, John Berner, Grant Van de Casteele, Marc Burch.

Total Shots: 10 (Deshorn Brown 4, Jose Mari 2); Shots on Goal: 4 (Shane O'Neill, Jose Mari, Dillon Powers, Deshorn Brown 1); Fouls: 15 (Shane O'Neill 4, Dillow Serna 3, Nick LaBrocca 2); Offsides: 2 (Chris Klute, Dillon Serna 1); Corners: 6 (Dillon Serna 4, Dillon Powers 2); Saves: 0 (Clint Weber 0).

Misconduct Summary:
COL - Dillon Serna (caution) 18
DAL - Peter Luccin (caution) 49
COL - Nick LaBrocca (caution) 76

Referee: Kevin Stott
Referee's Assistants: Gregory Barkey, Claudio Badea
Fourth Official: Alejandro Mariscal
Attendance: 16,209
Time of Game: 1:56
Weather: Partly Sunny, 93 degrees

Quote Sheet:

FC Dallas Head coach Oscar Pareja
Overall thoughts on the game...

It was a very entertaining game for the people who attended. The teams both left their hearts on the field, an encouraging thing for a league that is this young. We saw a lot of young talented American players tonight on the field.

They showed a lot of heart, like always. There aren't many games where I don't praise my players for their heart and character. Today we were smarter than them and we played very well.

We were smarter in those minutes we gave them the possession, we played much better defensively and we looked solid. They looked like they had control of the game, but we gave them that. We didn't want to fight that battle with the substitutions that had to be made.

On Fabian scoring ...

Fabian creates a lot of options. We have to be patient with a player that is young, but has a lot of potential. There was an improvement in his finishing today; he created the play, he took the people on and the finishing was fantastic.

I see him working nonstop and I can't tell you how much these guys have been improving. They are polishing their weaknesses. This group of players knows what they have, know where they are and nobody has to tell them anything. It is great for me to know that the team knows where our strengths and our weaknesses are. We understand the game is a day by day thing - we got 3 points tonight and we'll enjoy it.

On taking Matt Hedges out ...

[Matt Hedges] was tired - his hamstring was bothering him very early in the game. We've been playing six games with 10 players, which, though we sometimes don't think about that part, will create a lot of extra miles for a player. There has to be consistency in the lineup and under those circumstances I just wanted to put someone in that was 100%.

On Andrew Jacobson's performance...

Today, one of the positives was AJ coming in and showing such a great performance. Not many people know that his ankle was still swollen and he was on the pitch working and running. That's another plus that we had, that we had the character of a player that gave up everything today.

On breaking winless streak...

[The team] needed the three points. It was a really long stretch and the struggle, the adversity, the red cards; all those things have been frustrating. Since they have not stopped working, the game rewarded them tonight with three points before the break and gives us the momentum to go to Portland and fight. We're trying to get people healthy to try to fight the second half of the season with a complete roster. That would be great.

FC Dallas defender Zach Loyd
On getting a win with only one game remaining before the World Cup break...

We talked a lot this week about how important it was to get a win these next two games because there is that break and you want to go into that time off feeling good. So to come in here tonight and get that result was awesome. All the adversity... Guys being hurt, guys going down during the game, going down a goal, coming back and getting the win is great for the team and it's something we are going to build off of and hopefully go into Portland and get a good result.

On moving to center back at halftime...

[Stephen] Keel and I sat here at halftime and talked about what we wanted to do. I got to talk to Oscar [Pareja] a little bit about what he wanted out of me. So to have that good 10-15 minutes to discuss what we wanted to do going forward definitely helped, instead of having to make that change on the fly.

On playing center back with FC Dallas...

My first year in 2010, George John and Ugo Ihemelu picked up some injuries, so I played a few games [at center back]. That was also five years ago... It has been a while but [Stephen] Keel did a great job talking to me and getting me through it. Center back is kind of my second position. If guys go down, I know how to play it. It does help to get reps there but tonight it was great to have Keel in there with me. He is a solid veteran. He was talking to me the whole time.

FC Dallas forward Fabian Castillo
On his goal...

I don't remember how I got the ball but I immediately saw that there was some space in the middle for me to attack. I started running and space to my left opened up. Last week, there was a similar play, unfortunately that did not end up being a goal but this one turned out to be a great goal.

Talk about your celebration...

I dedicated it to my wife because she's pregnant so it was for her and my baby that is coming.

What does it mean to score the game winner?

It's always important to score goals so I'm just very happy. You have to always improve as a player and a person so I'm just happy.

How important was it to get this win before the World Cup break and end the winless streak?

The team has been working hard and we knew it was coming. We've been playing well. We're going to enjoy it but we know we have a very difficult game coming up against Portland so we'll enjoy this for a little bit and then get ready for Portland.

What does it mean to be on the score sheet with your friend Andres [Escobar]?

I'm very happy for Andres. He's been working hard to come back from being injured. He worked very hard in the game. I'm not only happy for him because of the goal but he worked very hard throughout the game to get the win.

Any connection between learning you were going to be a father and taking more responsibility on the field?

They're two different things. I know there's a lot of responsibility with being a father, but this is my work and it's another type of responsibility, but I'm taking it and enjoying it.

FC Dallas midfielder Victor Ulloa
On the game plan heading into the match...

We just worked so hard this week. Our mentality was to start the month of June on the right foot and we were able to do that tonight.

On Fabian Castillo's goal...

He was able to capitalize on a bit of sloppy play by Colorado in the middle. Fabian and Tesho [Akindele] were able to combine and win the ball back then Fabian just did his thing. He put it in the back of the net... What a golazo...

On being able to break up the Colorado attack...

I tried to put myself in the right spots. I got to break up a lot of Colorado's plays but honestly, I'm just happy we got the win. I am gaining confidence every game and that helps me play better every time out. It's a huge win for us tonight because of the rough stretch that we were in and now we can head to Portland, hopefully get some points over there and start the World Cup break.